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CanadianSME may 2020

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Welcome to the May edition of CanadianSME. While we’re only five months within the year 2020, it feels like much longer with the current situation our world is in. To say that COVID-19 has had an impact on the small business industry would be an understatement. Many small businesses have been forced to shut down due to social distancing and while some businesses are still able to operate, job cuts have impacted and have therefore significantly decreased profits.

We, at CanadianSME, understand the need for providing resources to Canadian small businesses has never been greater. Our goal has always been clear: contributing to the success of small and medium sized businesses in Canada. Because we understand just how much the SME industry contributes to Canada’s economy, we’ve made it our mission to help them succeed. With this challenging time, we hope to reduce some of the impacts that COVID-19 has had on Canadian small businesses.

With that in mind, we’ve included in our May issue, articles and interviews from some of Canada’s top leaders to see what they have to say about COVID-19 and how they believe entrepreneurs can still manage a successful business by following their guidelines and tips.

Among our top interviews we have Chief Marketing Officer at Danby Appliances and ShipperBee, Jim Estill, President, CEO and Chair of the Canadian Federal Independent Business, Dan Kelly, Rhiannon Rosalind who’s the CEO of The Economic Club of Canada, founder of Impetus Digital Natalie Yeadon, Jackie King who is the COO at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Stephen Dekuyper from Beniplus and founder of Goodfood, Jonathan Ferrari.

Each of these leaders talks about COVID-19 and their expert advice for SME owners to help them through this challenging time. Additionally, we also have resourceful articles in this issue such as A Strategy Every Industry Leader Must Have, by Mostafa Sayyadi.

We hope you find this month’s issue resourceful during this challenging time. Once again, we thank you for your support and happy reading!

CanadianSME April 2020

Business Magazine

Welcome to the April Edition of CanadianSME Magazine. We’re almost halfway done with the year but with the current events going on in the world, it feels much longer than just the fourth month of the year. COVID-19 has now become an international issue that is affecting every aspect of our everyday life. That being said, it’s also been affecting the success of businesses everywhere. With the entire world on lockdown, more and more businesses are being forced to close their doors and go out of business. While at CanadianSME we do understand the difficult times that entrepreneurs are currently facing, we’re happy to provide our continuous support to SMEs everywhere.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to focus our April issue on e-commerce. E-commerce provides many benefits that entrepreneurs often don’t realize. Having an online presence and being able to provide their products and services online continuously even through a world pandemic is extraordinary. Today’s technology has made that possible. While businesses are being forced to close their doors due to social distancing, having an online presence might be the one thing that can save them from going out of business and/or bankrupt. E-commerce allows entrepreneurs to continue their business without disruption. Today, more then ever, e-commerce is on the rise which is why we’ve dedicated this issue by including articles and interviews from experts in the e-commerce industry.

Among our exclusive interviews we have Paul Parisi who is President of PayPal Canada, Shawna Miller, VP of Marketing at MasterCard Canada, and Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria, Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction.

In this issue, you’ll also find valuable articles on e-commerce such as the Major Takeaway from the 2020 Canadian E-Commerce Report and 10 Questions Every Company Should Ask When Vetting an IT Vendor. We’ve also included some articles on COVID-19 which we believe will be beneficial for every entrepreneur: CRISIS Communication – SME Leader’s Important Role During the COVID-19 Outbreak and ZOHO Launches Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program.

While we know that the next few months will be difficult, CanadianSME strongly believes that if we stand together and work hard enough, we will make it through. We hope you find this month’s issue beneficial and until next month.

CanadianSME March 2020

Business Magazine

March is upon us and with it marks the end of a season and the beginning of a new one. The spring season is of new beginnings and opportunities. It’s time to re-evaluate your business goals and explore new opportunities that can take your business to the next level. Being open to new ideas contributes to your business’s success. At CanadianSME, we believe entrepreneurs who keep an open mind and are actively looking for new opportunities are the ones who will succeed in the long run.

Being open to new business opportunities is one of the keys to success, but it’s also crucial to remain vigilant. Protecting your business from cyber threats and attackers is very important to ensure its success. Therefore, we have dedicated our March issue on cybersecurity. Every entrepreneur has a mission when it comes to their business, and it’s not only to ensure that their business is successful but to ensure that it is safe and secure from any potential online threats that can cause significant harm or compromise their integrity.

Nothing is worse for a business owner to lose the trust of its customers due to a security breach that could you could avoid. In today’s world with new technological advancements and discoveries, cybersecurity has never been more important. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) revealed that in 2018, 40% of SMEs were victims of a cyber-attack within the last 12 months.

At CanadianSME, we pride ourselves to helping businesses succeed and grow. In this month’s issue, we’ve included articles and interviews from top industry leaders that will provide useful tips and tools to entrepreneurs to protect their business from cyber-attacks. Among our exclusive interviews are Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Dawley, President and Founder of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp., Shawna Miller, VP of Marketing at MasterCard Canada and Adam Evans, VP of Cyber-Operations and Chief Information Security Officer at RBC.

We have included articles with important information about cybersecurity such as Good Cybersecurity is Crucial for SMB Growth by Sean Forkan who is the VP and Country Manager at VMWare in Canada. Winston Stewart, President and CEO of Wincon Security talks about the importance of protecting your business in his article Why you need to stress-test your security infrastructure. In the spirit of International Women’s Day which took place on March 8th, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 25 Inspirational Women in Canada.
As always, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue and find valuable information that can help you as you navigate the journey of entrepreneurship. CanadianSME is always here to provide a helping hand and guide you on your path to success. Until next month,
Happy reading!

CanadianSME February 2020

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Welcome to the February issue of CanadianSME.
2020 is already off at a good start with the success of our very first CanadianSME Business Expo which took place on January 20th 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. With over 1,500 attendees who were business owners from a wide-range of industries, 45 exhibitors, 42 speakers, 7 panel discussions and 7 workshops, to say that the event was a huge success is an understatement.

The panel discussions were focussed on important aspects such as business leadership, digital transformation, women entrepreneurship, finance and investment, global business mindset and technology for SMEs.
A few highlights from the event would be the opening remarks that were presented by our VIP dignitaries: Adam Vaughan from the Parliamentary Secretary for Housing and Urban Affairs, the Honourable Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria who’s the Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction and the Honourable Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Chair of Cabinet.

We are very pleased with the turnout and it inspired us even more to continue providing resources and expertise knowledge to Canadian small and medium sized business owners so that they can succeed.

Our February issue gives a more detailed look on the CanadianSME National Business Awards 2019 as well as all the important highlights and aspects of the night. Additionally, we also have important articles such as 2020 in Tech: The Biggest Trends Impacting Your Business this Year, written by none other than Lisa Ricci, Vice President of small business solutions at Cisco Canada. Shiraz Siddique also contributed with an article on Find your Voice, which gives a new side to leverage consulting and how to make your message come out clear to your targeted audience.
We also have interviews with Craig Smyth, engineering leader for Global Small Business Sales at Cisco and Rick Moore who is a Growth and Transition Advisor.

As always, we hope that you find the answers and knowledge you need through our issues so that you can further succeed on your journey as an entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and look forward to bringing you more content in the future. Happy reading!

CanadianSME January 2020

Business Magazine

This new year marks not only the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade. With a new year comes new goals and opportunities. What better way to start the new decade with business opportunities that can take your business to the next level? As we look forward to the new year and the start of a new decade, CanadianSME is excited to help entrepreneurs as they continue their journey to success.

This month, we’ve included articles and interviews from leaders in different industries. Starting with Laura Jones, Chief Strategic Officer and Executive VP from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Fred Shurbaji
of Aviva Canada, Export Help Advisor Emiliano Introcaso from EDC, Stephen Hunt who’s the National Lead Financial Planning Advice and Strategy at MD Financial Planning and Lori Darlington, VP of Small Business at RBC.
On top of featuring some of the top leaders of the country, this month we’re also including articles that we believe will benefit many entrepreneurs. Adam Edmonds, VP of Products at Nexj Systems talks about CRM in his article 5 Ways to Make Intelligent CRM Work for You, Not the Other Way Around. Tax Partner at KRP Armando Iannuzzi talks about the importance of choosing the right accountant with his article Not All Accounting Firms are the Same. Choose Yours Wisely. Technology having a huge impact on the success of a business, Will Shilson from Calligo talks about AI in How SMEs Can Ensure a Smooth Journey when Employing AI and Automation. Innovation is the
key to the success of any business, Powering Purposeful Innovation in your Organization by General Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jeffrey Kratz talks about the importance of innovation and how to integrate it in any business.

Our January issue is filled with resourceful articles and interviews from top industry leaders in the country. Every month, our team at CanadianSME works hard on finding exclusive content that we believe will benefit entrepreneurs. Our number one goal has always been to help grow the Canadian SME industry. If they succeed, we succeed. Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to work hard to include content that contributes to the success and growth of SMEs. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and we look forward to the new year ahead. Happy reading.

CanadianSME december Edition

Business Magazine

We’ve officially reached the last month of 2019. We, at CanadianSME, hope that this year was a successful year for you and your business. While 2019 marks the end of an era, it’s also a time to reflect on all your accomplishments and look forward to new beginnings. Was this last year a good year for your business? What accomplishments did you achieve? What challenges did you face? Do you have any regrets or is there anything you would have done differently? And more importantly, what are your plans for the next year ahead? With less than 4 weeks left until the New Year, what better time to set some new business goals that can take your company to the next level? 2020 can mark the beginning of new business opportunities and we at CanadianSME are committed to helping you find them.
At CanadianSME, our top priority is helping your business succeed by providing you with exclusive interviews and resourceful articles. Our December issue includes interviews with some of the top leaders in the business industry who share their knowledge and expertise with business owners such as you.

Among our top business leaders, we have Jennifer Safruk who is the VP of Sales and Product Management at Samsung Electronics, Melika Hope from Intuit Canada, Tracey Black from Payments Canada, the founder of Lightspeed Dax Dasilva, the women behind the successful planning of CIX Summit Lauren Linton and off course our business woman of the month is Danielle Brewin Graham from Dream Maker Ventures. Additionally, we are also excited to announce that we have Dan Kelly who is the President and Chief Executive Officer at CFIB who tells us about the latest news on small business credit cards.

As always, this month’s issue also includes articles that provide you with the latest news and topics in the business industry along with tips and strategies from exclusive leaders. For starters, we have Shiraz Siddique who tells us about his leadership skills in his article titled The Butterfly Effect. We’ve included our tips on how to successfully attend a trade show in Trade Show Strategy: Before, During and After by Export Development of Canada (EDC).
Nathalie Boutet who is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor contributed to our issue this month with her article safeguarding your Small Business When Divorce Strikes. Finally, WBE Canada recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary and we have all the latest news on the 2019 Annual Conference.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and thank you for your continuous support as we work hard to make the CanadianSME platform the number one platform in Canada for small and medium sized business owners. Happy reading and happy holidays!

CanadianSME november Edition

Business Magazine

With the end of the year approaching and the year 2020 less than two months away, Canada’s small business industry has never been stronger. With new businesses being launched regularly and more and more resources becoming available for the SME industry, being a small business owner has never felt better. We at CanadianSME could not be prouder of all we have accomplished to recognize the importance of SMEs for Canada’s economy. This way, we seek out some of the most impressive leaders in our country so that they can provide their expert knowledge as well as their guidance that can contribute to the success of Canadian SMEs.

This month is no different when it comes to providingquality content. With articles and interviews focussed on manufacturing as well as cyber-security, we are very excited about our November issue. Among our top leaders being featured this month are Hans Blesse, President at BMW Group Canada, Theo Van Wyk, Chief Technology Officer at Scalar Decisions, and off course our Business Woman of the month, Nesh Pillay, founder of Press Pillay.

Additionally, we also have some very informative articles this month by some of our regular contributors such as Anne De Aragon who talks about the benefits of e-commerce in Fuel Your Business Growth by Getting Online. Miki Velemirovich, president of Cargo Canada talks about The Myths and Realities About Millennial Small Business Owners. Other insightful articles in our November issue include How to build your export strategy, Is your Business Built to Sell?, Retail Resurrection and the Top 10 Manufacturing Trends in Canada. With many more exclusive interviews and articles, we promise that the November issue will have you asking for more!

As always, we are very grateful to have a growing list of loyal readers and contributors who believe in us and our vision of growing Canada’s SME industry. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and happy reading!

CanadianSME october Edition


Fall is upon us and 2020 is less than 3 months away. Now is the best time to start working on New Year’s resolutions. As the first-year anniversary of CanadianSME’ s launch is approaching, we could not be prouder of everything we have accomplished so far. Not only have we gained national recognition, but we’re also a best choice for entrepreneurs when it comes to having an online platform that provides all the resources and knowledge they need to make their business a success. CanadianSME has come a long way since it’s first issue. Every month, more and more entrepreneurs put their trust in us to provide them with valuable content that can contribute to the success of their business. This month is no different and we’ve made it our mission to deliver quality exceptional content.

The month of October is without a doubt one of the most important months for small business owners. Why? It’s the month that BDC celebrates the Small Business Week. This year marks the 40th edition of BDC Small Business Week. Additionally, BDC is also celebrating their 75th anniversary. From October 20th to 26th, BDC Small Business Week will be celebrated all throughout Canada. This is an event that small business owners don’t want to miss out on as there will be entrepreneurs from all different industries sharing their expertise and knowledge.
As October is the small business celebration month, our issue this month is filled with interviews and articles from top leaders in different industries who share their insight and knowledge on important topics. Garrick Tiplady, Managing Director of Facebook and Instagram Canada shares his views on social media marketing and Natasha Aquin founder of Unbound Technologies talks about the challenges of starting a business and how she built her success.
Silvia Pencak in her success story tells us about her Top 7 Leadership Tips and Alita Fabiano, Director of Communications & Marketing of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce talks about the different steps entrepreneurs should take to become successful. Top leaders such as Arun Kumar who is the Head of Small Business Banking at BMO, Marie Rosecrans who is the Senior VP of SMB Marketing at Salesforce, Paul Struther, VP and Managing Director of Sage Canada and our business women of the month Elyse Regan who is the Global Project & Account Manager for RAF & Nerds On Site share their knowledge and tips about leadership and entrepreneurship for small business owners.

We are very excited about October’s issue and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about the content. We hope you will find this issue resourceful and that we can once again contribute to the success of your business through our insightful articles. Happy reading!

CanadianSME September Edition

CanadianSME Septembmer

The September issue of CanadianSME has officially arrived. Through our informative articles and exclusive interviews with influential business leaders, we are undoubtedly impacting Canada’s small and medium-sized business industry. We understand the important role SMEs play in our country’s economy, which is why we’ve made it our mission to deliver vital information to entrepreneurs on their path to success– every month. The month of September represents the end of summer and for many people, it means returning to their regular work schedule. Businesses start blooming and for many entrepreneurs, new ideas start developing. This is where innovative thinking plays an imperative role. For this reason, we have dedicated our September issue to innovation and technology.

To stay in the competitive market, entrepreneurs need to prioritize innovation and technology. For many, these two concepts go hand in hand. Innovation means forward thinking and coming up with new and better ways of doing business – often embracing new technology trends. The future is technology. With this said, many entrepreneurs are taking the time to invest in innovative technology resources that can contribute to the success of their business. We firmly believe in the power that innovation has when it comes to the success of your business, which is why we have dedicated an entire issue on all things innovation and technology.

This month, our interviews are with some of the most knowledgeable tech leaders in the industry. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey shares his insights on the latest trends in the tech word, Echosec Systems CEO Karl Swannie talks about technology and entrepreneurship, and Muse CEO Derek Luke gets real about the many challenges faced by entrepreneurs. The Canadian Media Directors’ Council President Shannon Lewis gives us an insider perspective on her role. We also have our business woman of the month, Serena Holmes from Tigris Events.
Aside from our exclusive interviews with these Canadian tech tycoons, we also have some fascinating articles on the menu in this month’s edition. Be sure to check out who made our list for the 5 Best Digital Payment Technologies for SMEs and a compelling article titled, Driving Innovation with Collaboration Technology, written by Lisa Ricci, Cisco’s VP of Small Business Solutions. Exclusive chat with Catherine Roche – Head, Marketing and Strategy, BMO Financial Group. Still craving more? Check out our Q&A section with the Top 50 Canadian Leaders on innovation.

Our September issue is full of promise and insightful reading on the latest in innovation and technology. CanadianSME hopes you will find your next big idea in this issue. It has been a pleasure to support and encourage you on your journey to entrepreneurship success. Thank you for your continuous support.

Happy reading!

CanadianSME August Edition

CanadianSME Business Expo

CanadianSME is proud to present its August issue. We couldn’t be more happier with the positive feedback we’ve received along with the growth of our network. Small and medium-sized businesses play a crucial role in the success of Canada’s economy, and we strive to provide them with all the resources we can on their path to success. This month’s issue is no different as we continue to work harder than ever to provide you with the scoop on the latest business trends.

One of the most critical aspects that contribute to the success of aBusiness is their marketing strategy. Marketers are often underestimated for the value they can offer to SMEs. CanadianSME understands just how much marketers bring to the table when it comes to helping businesses grow. This month, we’ve included Canada’s Top 25 Marketers which we have carefully put together after thorough research. We believe that marketers need to get the right support and recognition for the value they bring to Canada’s business industry. With this being said, that’s why we’ve made it our responsibility to share their impact on Canadian SMEs.

Additionally, this month’s interviews are based around some of the most
inspiring leaders who are shaping Canadian businesses. With some top leaders in the industry such as Vistaprint Marketing Manager Cabral Thomas, Managing Director of myWorld Canada James Malliaros and PayPal Canada President Paul Parisi, we hope they inspire future leaders to succeed and contribute towards the growth of Canadian SMEs. We are also proud to feature some very inspiring women in this month’s issue such as President of Cisco Systems Canada Rola Dagher; Sheri Somerville from the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Wilson, CEO and founder Canada’s very first Women’s Chamber of Commerce; and our business women of the month, Ritu Kohli-Sethi from the Greater Toronto Executive Center.

Of course, CanadianSME would not be as successful if it wasn’t for its Contributors who take time to share their knowledge through resourceful articles. This month, our contributors include Silvia Pencak who talks about the 5 Priorities for Building a Solid Business, Paul Struther discussing the 4 Small Business Money Saving Myths and Jason Pinchoff with “How to Survive the First Year in Business.” We are also excited to include the ten excellent Cloud Services for Small Businesses.

We hope our August issue will provide you with intriguing and inspiring
Articles that will help you in your journey of entrepreneurship. Thank you for your continuous support and happy reading!

Thanks for your support!

CanadianSME July Edition


The heat is on and the small business industry is in full bloom. With more SMEs being launched on a daily basis more than ever before, CanadianSME is also growing. We’re proud to say that we’ve seen a huge increase in our network. Our social media following and our subscription list is rapidly increasing. This July issue is full of promise and exciting new articles and interviews. CanadianSME is well on its way to being the number one magazine and online platform for small and medium sized enterprises in Canada. Dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with as many resources and expert knowledge they need to succeed in the business industry, our team goes out of its way to find topics and inspirational people in the business industry to feature in our magazine. CanadianSME is on a mission to grow the small business industry and making Canada the number one country with the largest SME industry.

These facts go to show the impact that the small business industry has on the community. Not only are they contributing towards the growth and development of Canada’s economy, but they’re also creating new jobs for Canadians.

In the July edition of CanadianSME, we’re excited to feature innovative leaders that are shaping the world of business. This issue includes interviews from Madeleine Chenette of Accenture, Eric Groves from Alignable, Perrin Beatty of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Colin McIsaac of Lenovo Canada on the cover of this month’s issue,
and off course, our businesswoman of the month Marie Chevrier, founder of Sampler. We also have Laura Williams from Williams HR Law as a contributor this month. Be sure to check out her article on employment relationships.

With the huge positive impact that SMEs have on the country, there’s never been a more crucial time for an online platform that can help provide resources and informative articles to help contribute towards the success of small businesses. CanadianSME is aiming to be the main resource for entrepreneurs when it comes to guiding them on their path of success. With the help of our contributors and readers, we are one step closer to achieving this goal. We hope this month CanadianSME will provide you with valuable information to help you in the success of your business. Happy reading!

CanadianSME June Edition

Canadiansme Magazine June Issue updated_Page_1

We are extremely excited to launch the June issue of the CanadianSME Business Magazine. Welcome to summer 2019! We are more motivated than ever to be the number one resource magazine for Canadian SMEs, and our June issue is bringing us one step closer to achieving that goal. Since our launch back in December 2018, CanadianSME has been committed to providing entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the business industry. We continue to provide exclusive interviews and content from the top leaders and executives in various industries to inspire our readers.


The e-commerce industry is on high rise. The trends suggest that more and more entrepreneurs are turning their platforms into e-commerce businesses and using technology to help them grow. Due to the increase of accessibility to the online marketplace and consumers now accepting and feeling comfortable with online shopping, e-commerce will continue to grow. We believe that it is essential to provide entrepreneurs with all the resources and knowledge they need to succeed in the online marketplace. Therefore, CanadianSME has dedicated its June issue to e-commerce and providing small business owners with advice from industry leaders.


The June edition ofCanadianSME includes some of the most excitinginterviews that we have featured thus far: Kirk Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO of Wave, Charlie Regan from Nerds on Site, Bruce MacLellan, CEO of Proof Inc., Patrick Diab from Moneris, our business women of the month, Shadi McIsaac, founder of Ownr and many others. We are excited to include Silvia Pencak’s contribution to our June issue by providing her Top Tips to Sharpen Your Networking. We have also included the 5 Major Takeaways from the 2019 Benchmark Report from the Canada Post 2019 e-commerce report.


Summer marks the beginning of new opportunities. Our primary goal has always been the same: to ensure that SMEs in Canada have the proper tools they need to succeed in the marketplace. Small and medium size businesses contribute greatly to Canada’s economy and CanadianSME is dedicated more than ever to contribute towards that success. We hope that this issue will provide you with additional knowledge and strategies to help your business grow and succeed. We look forward to being a part of this process with you as you work hard towards accomplishing all of your business goals, and embarking on a new journey and new opportunities. With your motivation and our resources, we believe that together, we can contribute towards the success of your business. Happy reading!


canadian sme

Our May issue is officially here and we are very excited about all the great content we have to share with you this month! We strive to be Canada’s number one magazine in providing exclusive insights, strategies, and advice to entrepreneurs. Since our inception, CanadianSME has been committed to delivering quality content. We make it our mission to include only the most exclusive interviews and information that will be valuable to all of our readers.  That’s why our team works hard to ensure that they are aware of all the latest trends in the business industry. Helping small and medium sized businesses grow is our mission.


This month, CanadianSME is focused on technology and the latest IT solutions available in the marketplace for SMES. We are excited to announce that we are featuring exclusive content from the executive team at Zoho Corporation, a global IT software provider. We include interviews with the CEO and Co-Founder of Zoho, Sridhar Vembu, the Chief Strategic Officer, Vijay Sundaram, and the Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna. The CanadianSME team was live on site, covering the annual Zoholics conference in Austin, Texas, learning about Zoho’s newest product releases tailored towards SMEs. We are excited to announce that we are  including the new Director of Business Development and Sales Acceleration of Cisco, Pietro Pasqualino in this issue, and Kash Ahmad, President and Marketing Director of BFS Canada. Dan Kelly, President, CEO and Chair of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business is on the cover of this issue and we hope our readers will enjoy reading his Q&A. We also include David Ciccarelli, CEO of, Melanie Cheng Kai-On from Purolator, and Julie Gaudry, Senior Director of RBC Insurance. CanadianSME is also very honoured to have Ruya Atac-Barrett, Vice-President of Data Protection of Product Marketing from Dell discuss security and risk protection measures for SME owners.


At CanadianSME, we understand that technology is the future. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing our readers with the latest trends in IT along with recommendations from industry experts of any measures or processes they can put in place to protect them from any potential security risks. We hope that this month’s issue will help give you the knowledge and information you need to stay competitive in the market. Until next month, happy reading!

CanadianSME April Edition

April Issue CanadianSME

We have just launched our April issue and we are beyond excited to continue to be a valued resource for Canadian small and medium sized enterprises. We strive to be Canada’s number one magazine in providing exclusive insights, strategies, and advice to entrepreneurs. Since our inception, CanadianSME has been committed to delivering quality content. We make it our mission to include only the most exclusive interviews and information that will be valuable to all of our readers. 

Getting the right financial advice plays a crucial role in the success of any business. This month, CanadianSME is focused on finances. It is essential that entrepreneurs have access to comprehensive knowledge and best practices when it comes to the financial well-being of their business. Statistics show that 30% of new businesses fail within their first two years and 50% within their first five years. In general, one of the main causes of the collapse of a new business is issues with the company’s finances. From entrepreneurs who struggle to manage their finances to an overall lack of capital – financial problems often lead to the failure of a business. To combat this issue, we believe that entrepreneurs should have access to all the necessary resources when it comes to safeguarding the financial stability of their business. From gaining access to capital to paying vendors and being paid by customers –  properly managed finances play a crucial part in starting and maintaining a viable business. It’s what makes a business run.

This month’s edition of CanadianSME includes exclusive interviews with professionals from a variety of financial sectors: Jason Charlebois, Senior VP of Small Business Banking at Scotiabank, Curtis Stange from ATB Financial, Kapil Lakhotia, President and CEO of LEDC, and many others. Iain McLean from Mastercard Canada and Gord Jamieson, Head of Canada Visa Risk Services have also contributed to interviews in this month’s edition. In addition to exclusive interviews with these financial experts, April’s edition includes valuable content for the Canadian entrepreneur with informative articles such as “Choosing the Right Bank for your Canadian SME”, “Delegate or Drown”, and “5 Major Takeaways from PWC Banking Report”.

With winter officially over and the long-awaited arrival of spring upon us, it’s time for new beginnings. What better way to kick off the new season than by leveraging Canadian SME’s insights and resources to successfully grow your business? We hope that the knowledge and strategies shared in this issue will help your business blossom. We look forward to being part of this journey with you as you strive towards accomplishing your business goals. Happy reading!

CanadianSME March Edition

CanadianSME March Cover

CanadianSME Magazine is proud to bring you the March edition. This month we’re celebrating Women’s International Day. In honour of this special occasion, we’re featuring women from all over the business industry.AtCanadianSME, we’re proud to support and encourage women on their path of entrepreneurship. We believe that women entrepreneurs have a lot to bring to the table which is why we want to be part of those who inspire women to reach their fullest potential when it comes to running their business.

To celebrate Women’s International Day, we’re covering women entrepreneurs who have made an impact in the world. These women have left their mark and are making women leaders across the nation proud. To start things strongly, our Business Woman of the month is the talented Phoebe Young, founder of the award-winning organization, Magnolia Communications. Gillian Riley Executive Vice President, President & CEO, Tangerine will also be featured in this month’s edition as she talks about the digital business banking.

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CanadianSME February Edition

Canadian SME Feb Cover

Welcome to the third edition of CanadianSME Magazine. This month we’re all about women empowerment. Because we believe that women entrepreneurs make for a greater and more diverse Canada, this issue features women in leadership roles who are making a difference in the business industry. CanadianSME is a proud supporter of women entrepreneurs. The business industry is changing and with it, women are taking on more management roles to lead the world of business. This month’s edition includes several interviews from women in leadership roles. Our Business Woman of the month is none other then Carinne Chambers, CEO of DivaCup. Other exclusive interviews of inspiring women included in this third edition of CanadianSME are Stephania Varalli, Co-CEO of Women of Influence and Shirley Vickers, President and CEO of Innovate BC. We’re also excited to announce that our Entrepreneur of the Month is Dan Radu, founder of Macro-Tech.

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CanadianSME January Issue

CanadianSME January Issue

CanadianSME is very excited to announce its second edition! With even more exciting topics and interviews than the first issue, we are proud to be Canada’s number one choice for SME owners when it comes to finding all the useful information they need. Built to be the most resourceful magazine for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, CanadianSME strives to feature exclusive interviews and resourceful information that can help SME owners manage and grow their business.

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CanadianSME December Issue

Canadian SME Business Magazine

Small and medium-sized businesses in Canada have had a huge positive impact on the Canadian economy over the last few years. With the progressive evolution of the economy that is largely due to small and medium-sized businesses, there’s never been the need more than now to have the Canadian SME Magazine. Every month, our readers will have the opportunity to read different articles about how to improve their business, upcoming events, interviews with people who have an influence on small and medium-sized businesses and any tips on how to take their company to the next level.

Canadian SME Magazine comes up with focused and fact proven content to develop the credibility of the rising businesses in Canada. It will provide solutions as well as tips on how to deal with different challenges that all business owners will come across while managing their company and ensuring its success.

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