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10 Best Cloud Services for Small Businesses


Technology is on the high rise. But it can be a somewhat complex aspect to understand and create. Especially for startups and small businesses looking to grow. Although there are many benefits to having an online platform, the limited resources, lack of expertise and time management can represent several challenges for SMEs. There’s also the cost factor that can be an obstacle on its own. Fortunately, there’s a huge number of software companies that make it their mission to provide their IT solutions for entrepreneurs. Through resources and programs that have been specifically designed to help SMEs execute daily tasks, these software companies are ensuring to meet all the needs and demands of business owners. 

Choosing the right software company for your business can be a challenge. We’ve had our team of experts do some research and narrow down the 10 best cloud services for SMEs. Each of these companies offer services and programs that meets the needs of entrepreneurs when it comes to managing their day-to-day task. So, take note as these names will come in handy when it comes to choosing your cloud service provider.



  • Shopify E-Commerce


shopify Shopify is the most popular online platform at the moment. They are the number one choice for e-commerce and they have built a strong reputation. With an easy and quick set-up that can be done by anyone, their online platform doesn’t require you to be an IT expert.  If you’re still hesitant, you can always try their services for free for a period of 30 days. You can review their free templates and tools to get a better overview of your business and see if Shopify is the right fit for your company.


  • Hootsuite


HootsuiteHootsuite is the perfect online platform for entrepreneurs who are more interested in managing their social campaigns rather than measuring them. Hootsuite provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to focus on growth by letting them pay for extra features as they grow their business. As a platform that is specifically designed to meet your custom needs, Hootsuite is the most comprehensive platform on the market right now.


  • Microsoft Teams


Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams offers some of the most competitive aspects in the online platform services. Their organized channel management, ability to video conference and connect employees to Microsoft’s entire ecosystem of apps (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) makes Microsoft Teams one of the most competitive platforms in the industry. Additionally, they also provide its users with new creative ways to connect with colleagues through their in-app meme creation. The only down side is you have to be an Office 365 Business user to be able to use the platform.


  • Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus


Intuit QuickBooks Online PlusQuickBooks has created a huge name for itself as being the number one choice for entrepreneurs when it comes to their accounting needs. Specifically designed to help entrepreneurs keep track of their records and manage their accounts and expenses efficiently, QuickBooks is the perfect choice for businesses of any size. Their Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus provides solutions for small businesses and is quite popular due to their complete set of features. Their built-in UI is affordable for all businesses and their flexible contract records, transaction forms, and report templates ensure to meet the needs of all entrepreneurs.


  • HubSpot


 HubSpotEasy to use, grow simultaneously with your business, and very affordable, HubSpot is the perfect choice for startups and small businesses. Their e-mail marketing tool is easy to navigate and allows entrepreneurs to create long-lasting engagements with their customers through their automation tool. They also allow businesses to add basic CRM and sales tools to their marketing automation software at no extra fee.

  1. Xero

XeroWhen it comes to choosing software that can meet all your accounting needs, Xero is a strong option to consider. A strong competitor of QuickBooks Online, Xero provides the same features and is also very popular among entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, Xero offers a wide range of features and automation capabilities. It’s definitely an online platform to consider for all of your accounting needs.

  1. Zoho One

 Zoho OneZoho One provides web office offering which is comparable to G Suite or Office Online. With over 40 different web apps and mobile apps, Zoho One offers a wide-range of services to all entrepreneurs. Their complete CRM, help desk and accounting application meet the needs of entrepreneurs everywhere. Additionally, Zoho One also provides a survey system, conferencing and chat system, e-commerce system and HR management system. Each of its application provides an entirely powered solution. Definitely a strong contender for business owners.

  1. Zoom

zoomZoom is an online platform that offers video conferencing and webinar services, comparable to SkypeGoToMeeting and Hangouts. Although the same features provided by Zoom are comparable to other similar providers, Zoom has been known for its easy to use application. The most popular feature that Zoom has to offer is participants are no longer required to sign up and create an account to be able to join meetings. Having the web URL that links directly to the meeting is the only set-up that’s required for users. Additionally, Zoom also offers a webinar management system that helps users create virtual and live events.

  1. Cisco WebEx

cisco webexCisco WebEx offers basic, free one host plan for up to three people per meeting. Their simplified hassle-free platform allows entrepreneurs to be able to use their web-based conferencing system to test it out and see if it’s for them. Conferencing has never been easier with Cisco WebEX since everything from meeting, collaborating and sharing is in one location. Their Meeting Spaces feature is very popular since it allows the host of the meeting to post an agenda and all other relevant files prior to the meeting.

  1. Professional Edition

SalesforceA leader in CRM, has created a strong reputation for itself through its many features. Giving entrepreneurs a complete overview of their business through reporting and analytics, email marketing and sales forecasts just to name a few, Professional Edition is the perfect choice for those who want to get a full report of their business. 


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