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4 Major Characteristics for a Promo Video Ad




Have you noticed the rise in camera and video use in the past few years?  Yes, that is a fact that marketers cannot ignore as they design and implement their marketing strategies, and it is an element that will rule in advertising for years to come.  Here are 4 objectives that make promo videos popular as businesses choose their marketing tools and vehicles.

  1. Attention Grabber

With all the noise that the communications and social media world have created around us the attention span of viewers have become shorter, and with that, promotional content had to become shorter in order for it to stay effective.  The trick is in the ability to relay an effectual message in 20 – 30 seconds with little content.

  1. Brand Awareness

Branding goes beyond the recognition of an image or its colours. It’s the projecting of a combination of business elements that stick to consumer minds; by which they start recognizing the business, or the business product with. Make sure that the colours picked for the image clearly align with consumer offerings (whether it be in values, products or customer service).

  1. Sending Out A Message

The purpose behind a business message may vary. Whether it be educating, informing, creating awareness or advertising, there has to be a focused and effective message sent out to viewers.  It does not have to be lengthy and detailed to be effective.  In fact, with the attention span of the internet generation, an engaging short statement is way more effectual than a detailed paragraph.

  1. Call To Action

A feature that will increase the success of a promo video is a call to action request or button triggering the viewer to take action to either buy or learn more, fill out a form or subscribe to a newsletter. That actionwill also confirm to viewers the business intention for creating the video.


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