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Canada Business Talks


Canada Business Talks is a new concept into bringing influential people in the business world together so they can share their thoughts and learn from one another. Business experts and tycoons, industry leaders and entrepreneurs will all come together and take part in sharing their ideas, learning from one another and taking part in brainstorming sessions. The main goal is to create a platform where entrepreneurs can meet and discuss with business gurus and experts to share knowledge and perhaps even get some coaching along with guidelines and advice on how they can grow their business and take it to the next level. Canada Business Talks will also be conducting seminars and workshops that will be hosted by experts in their fields so they can help entrepreneurs be successful when it comes to managing their business.

Who Should Attend?

Canada Business Talks is for people who have the vision to change the business world. So, we’re talking about business students, business owners, entrepreneurs and people who are looking for expert advice and suggestions when it comes to running a successful company. Organizations who support the expansion of businesses or who are looking to connect with business owners who want to globalize and grow their business, Canada Business Talks is the place for them where they will find all the information they need.

Business Topics

Canada Business Talks will be talking about the following topics that are crucial when it comes to having a successful business:

Marketing for SMEs: What are the best resources and tools when it comes to promoting your business to ensure that it gets all the attention you want from the very beginning. How to promote on a small budget and ensure you get the right marketing before launching, along with new trends in marketing.

Finance: Financial experts that will be partnering up with Canada Business Talks will be sharing best practices and expert advice on how entrepreneurs can get funding, what are the best loans for SMEs and how to manage and run a budget that will ensure the success of your business.

Digital Transformation: Why going digital is important and investing in technology will make your business grow. Resources and creative ideas on how to use technology to your advantage and ensure your business is kept up to date with the new trends.

Business Management: Guidance how to manage your business by hiring the right employees and how to grow your business through available programs, resources and mentoring opportunities that can help all entrepreneurs when it comes to managing a successful business.

Small Business Technology: The best technology tendencies for small businesses. What the current tech trends are for small businesses and how it can help them grow their business.

Women Entrepreneurship: Resources and tools that are available to women entrepreneurs. Coaching and mentoring opportunities to help women grow their business and be successful.

Leadership Management: Orientation and workshops to help business owners become successful leaders. Programs, tools and resources available to help entrepreneurs get the proper skill set when it comes to being successful leaders.

Get Involved

Canada Business Talks is looking for partners with common goals such as corporations, volunteers or business experts who want to partner with them. They want people who are interested in sharing their expertise in any upcoming events and having their brand be a part of Canada Business Talks.


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