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Choosing the Right Bank for your Canadian SME


When you first start your business, you have a list of priorities on what you should start working on: marketing, targeting the right audience, your service rates, inventory, location and so forth. Finding the right bank that will look after your business transactions is probably not on your list of priorities. However, it should be. Putting your trust into a bank that will look after all your business transactions and loans is extremely important and it’s not a decision that you should be taking lightly. You spend so much time comparing banks and doing research on them to find out which bank is the best fit for your personal finances. So, why shouldn’t you take the same amount of time when it comes to your business? Having the right bank for your business can have a significant impact on its success. With that in mind, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the bank that will be beneficial for your business and contribute towards its growth.

Know your needs

Before you even start looking for a bank, you need to understand exactly what you will need from them. This means, you need to understand your needs. Start by answering simple questions:

  • How many deposits will you be making on a monthly basis?
  • Will you be doing any withdrawals? How many?
  • How many bill payments will you have per month?
  • Are you going to have any EFTs?
  • What will be your monthly cash flow?
  • Will you need a business loan? A line of credit?

These are all important questions you should be asking yourself. It will help you determine what your needs are and what you’re looking for. Maybe your business will have several transactions daily so you don’t want a bank that will charge a high amount of service fees at the end of the month. It’s important to really take the time to ask yourself these important questions which will ultimately determine your banking needs. Once you have the answers, you will have a better picture of what your banking needs are and from there, you can really start your search for a bank that will look after your business transactions.

Start comparing

After you’ve covered all the basics of what your monthly transactions will look like, you can start by comparing different banks and their features. Which bank will give you the most for your money? Which bank offers you all the features you need and more? Take the time to really research the different banks in your area. Go meet with specialists, take notes, and ask questions, read their reviews. If you know an entrepreneur, ask them which bank they deal with. Find out what the pros and cons are for each bank. This step is crucial because it will help you get an objective overview of each financial institution. Take the time to really compare each bank and their feature and see which one is a better fit for you and your business.

Size matters

This will be one of the most important decisions you make. Should you opt for a small bank, or should you go for one of the bigger ones? Sure, small banks tend to be attracting and might have exactly what you’re looking for now. But it’s important to think about the bigger picture. When you start your business, your goal is to scale. You want your business to grow and become successful. So, you want to have a bank that will be able to meet those needs. You don’t want to end up having to switch banks because the bank you initially chose when you started is no longer able to accommodate you. Therefore, think about the bigger picture. What is your main goal? Where do you see your business going 5 years from now and will the bank you choose be able to stay with you as you grow your business.

Choosing the right bank can contribute greatly towards your business. It can almost be like a business partnership. Having the right bank by your side will be crucial because they can guide you, offer you advice and help you achieve your goals. Therefore, it’s important to not take this decision lightly. Don’t just choose a bank to choose one. Choose a bank that is the right fit and who not only sees your vision, but understands it and can help you get one step closer towards your business goals.

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