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Emily Kate Grey, The Founder of the Ontario Box Mystery


Want to stop indulging in your mundane lifestyle and pamper yourself? Care to get a box filled with happiness? Ontario Box is the one to opt for! It is a warehouse of original edible and non-edible products all meant to land in every Canadian household. Cut the box open, and you will be beyond stupefied to find the array of products that lay inside! You could spend hours sorting out the items, and the specialties will seem incredible to you. With every single unboxing, there will be one new brand or product to look out for! You will feel the adrenaline rush while butting the box open because you never know – you might end up loving something that you never even knew existed till then! If a single box can be a one-stop solution for your daily needs, why not get it right away? This is not going to be a convincing call- in fact, we don’t even believe the premium contents of the box need convincing to initiate the sale- so why are we blabbering? 

Well, we want all potential buyers to know the why and how of things- and even more. We believe in crystal transparency so that the clients can understand what to expect. This initiative becomes a win-win situation for the local businesses in and around Ontario, and the customers can get every single product with no quality compromise. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Intricate detailing

WHY did it start?- It might be a hovering question in the mind of many users. But now that you know what it is all about, don’t you think this is an incredible strategy to provide premium quality products for the provincial customers in lieu of the local businesses’ upliftment? An ideal example of a symbiotic relationship, isn’t it?

WHO do we deal with?- Worried about the product source? Think no more! Just visit the official website and check out all the vendors. You can rest assured, for sure!

WHAT do we provide?- nothing much! Just two different boxes for you to opt from- the monthly and specialty. Opt for any one and be ready for an exciting unboxing. 

WHERE do we deliver?- Stay anywhere in Canada and ask for us- we are ready to be your genie. 

WHEN can you get the box- Order 2 weeks prior to the desired date and get the package right on time! Every time you can expect something ‘out-of-the-box’ product, right inside the box!

How are monthly and specialty boxes different?

You deserve to know before you pay! In the monthly box, one can find specialty products from the local businesses, which will vary monthly. Mostly they comprise of products like the following:

  • Beverages for a good start after you wake up
  • Household items to keep you going
  • Sauce(name it, we have it)
  • Sweet Treat (sweet tooth needs a pamper too!)
  • Seasonings (make your food yum!)
  • Let the other things be a surprise!

Specialty box contents cater to special events of every month, and a part of it goes to charity. In events like Father’s Day and Mother’s day, a part of the box goes to the needy. After all, business needs a feel-good factor too- don’t you think. The products are

  • Bathroom essentials- to flush the stink
  • Dressings to garnish in the picture-perfect manner
  • Sauce, savories, sweets, just ask!

Who thought about it anyway?

I did! Hi, I am Emily Kate Grey, the founder of the Ontario box, and the thought of something like this hammered me first. After graduating in Bachelor of International Business at Sprott School of Business, I wanted to touch both global and local ends, and the result is right before you. I have been yearning for local businesses to get the remuneration according to their premium potential and thought this would be a fun activity to start with. It gives me immense delight to deliver little boxes of happiness to every household and restore the smiles on the small business owners.  

To say thank you would be an understatement for all the love and support you have shown. Happy Shopping, Canadians! Hope to take this far!


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