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FlightHub Expands Its Montreal Headquarters, Creating Hundreds of New Quebec-Based Jobs and Focusing on Customer Service


MONTREALOct. 8, 2019 /CNW/ – FlightHub, a leading online travel company generating over $3B a year in sales, is expanding its Montreal headquarters to support the massive growth it has been experiencing in recent years.

A true local success story, the company was founded by Montreal-based entrepreneurs who attribute its remarkable success to a combination of ease of use, reliability and strong partner relationships.

With an aggressive global expansion plan in the works, FlightHub has chosen to bolster its Canadian presence by choosing Montreal as its global headquarters. The company is currently investing heavily in continuing to build its infrastructure, including hiring top architecture firm ACDF to completely redesign its two-story offices into an inspiring space filled with light, color and greenery.

“I’ve been working at FlightHub for close to three years, and I’ve loved every second of it,” expresses Cassidey Vine, FlightHub’s Talent Acquisition Specialist. “There are already so many great perks to working here, and as someone looking to recruit the best people the city has to offer, I am so excited about the new space we will be moving into, and about the increased opportunity it will provide for collaboration, creativity and career development.” In addition to investing in an innovative new space, FlightHub is also planning on adding hundreds of new positions at its headquarters. With many other tech companies choosing to outsource their service centers abroad, FlightHub is also making the decision to bring a large portion of its service fulfillment back to Montreal. The company’s belief that delivering exceptional service will be the backbone of its global success has led to a strategy focused as much on technology as it is on service.

“Our goal is to make FlightHub the number one company to work for, and the number one online travel agency in the world,” states Christopher Cave, FlightHub’s COO. “So, we have designed our new offices to reflect who we are as a brand. We see ourselves as a tribe, and once you’re part of the tribe, we want it to be for the long run. We want our tribe to love coming to work every day, so we’re creating an environment and culture they can be proud of. That means going way beyond just efficient workstations. FlightHub’s mission is to inspire people to want to travel, explore and see the world. If our people are inspired every day, it makes it that much easier for them to inspire our customers. That way, our employees win, our customers win, everyone’s happy.”

SOURCE FlightHub

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