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Gaming Industry Revealed as One of Canada’s Biggest Economy Drivers


Gaming Industry Revealed as One of Canada’s Biggest Economy Drivers 

With the global economy in a precarious state of uncertainty, there are few industries that continue to boom. However, one sector that is driving Canada’s economy at a rapid rate is the gaming industry. Read on to find out just how important game-playing really is. 

Keeping busy

With the constant rise in popularity for gaming, the industry is forced to keep up with demand. The result? More jobs for more people to ensure customers’ gaming needs are met. In fact, research suggests that gaming creates 135,773 direct jobs; 80,507 indirect jobs and 50,977 induced jobs. In total, that is a whopping 267,257 of Canadians that earn their living thanks to the nation’s love of games. And, with citizens earning healthy, reliable wages, it can only have a positive ripple effect on other industries when it comes to disposable income. 

Gamers galore  

Always a favourite pastime, old-school board games continue to prove popular. A new study revealed that 71% of Canadians aged between 18-24 and 72% aged between 25-34 play traditional games every month. This compared with 76% of youths who state they also play video games, which suggests all forms of games – digital or not – are still a hit.

Home Grown

Turns out, that the reason why gaming is so lucrative here in Canada is that 83% of all video gaming companies are Canadian-owned and controlled. Therefore, it explains why the gaming industry contributes more than $15 billion (yes, billion) to the Canadian economy. And it doesn’t stop there. Almost $9 billion is generated annually to fund community programs and services. So, it appears the nation’s avid gaming obsession actually contributes more to both the economy and society than you would first think. 


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