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Grow with Google: The New Initiative That Can Help Small Business Owners


Ever since Google launched over two decades ago, they have constantly been coming up with new innovative ways to help people. Being the online dictionary to everyone and reaching new creative ways to stay competitive in the market, it’s safe to say that Google is the best tool out there when it comes to getting more knowledge and training on any aspect. That being said, it came to no surprise when Google recently made the announcement of a new initiative called Grow with Google: a new way to help small business owners and job seekers get access to free digital training, workshops and events.


What is Grow with Google?

Grow with Google is a new project that’s main purpose is to help provide economic opportunities for Canadians. With twenty years of history and project development, Grow with Google has more than enough experience and resources to help people and businesses grow. By providing the right tools to help Canadians, Grow with Google’s target is to help those who make the workforce by proving them with the best training tools that can help them grow their skill set, be successful in their careers and have successful businesses.


Grow with Google Program

To ensure its success, Google announced that they will be receiving a $2 million grant from Google.Org so they can provide digital skills trainings to people across Canada by partnering up with communities. They will also be joining forces with Canada Learning Code so everyone across the country can have access to resources and tools that will help them develop their knowledge and provide them with better career opportunities. Google is also providing Canadians with access to their Applied Digital Skills Program which is an online video-based curriculum.


Another program that Google established is The Professional IT Support Certification Program. This program is over 64 hours long and compiles video lessons, hands-on labs and interactive assessments for people who are looking to get new skills and start a new career in technology. The program can take any person at a beginner’s level to be fully ready and functioning within eight months.


How Can Grow with Google Help Business Owners?

Technology is where our future is headed and its long time that we started accepting this fact. It can go a long way when it comes to growing a business and ensuring that it stays competitive in the market. Being on top of new technical initiatives and having the most up to date systems to keep your business running and on track can make a huge difference for entrepreneurs. That being said, Google is aware of the power of digitalization which is why they have launched the initiative Grow with Google. By partnering up with several different organizations and local communities, Google is bringing workshops, in-person training and one-on-one sessions to communities across Canada that cover all different aspects that can help small business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to expand their business and find better ways to manage it by growing their skills.


Being tech savvy is a tool of empowerment and can provide broader opportunities to business owners. Grow with Google is making it its mission to provide business owners with all the proper training that they require to help them master the word of technology. This just goes to show how Google is yet again using its resources and knowledge to help people in new innovative ways.


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