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How ALBERTA WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS is creating the next generation of women entrepreneurs



Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is all about helping women entrepreneurs succeed in Alberta. Big supporters of women entrepreneurs, AWE is helping them get access to resources and putting programs in place to help them grow and succeed in their business. For the last two decades, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs has been providing tools and resources to women entrepreneurs so they can get further access to funds, programs, and workshops. Since they launched over twenty years ago, AWE has grown and adapted to the needs of women entrepreneurs in Alberta. Women entrepreneurs have come a long way over the years and Alberta Women Entrepreneurs has been there every step of the way, changing and evolving to ensure their services match the needs of women business owners. In addition to their programs and services, AWE also provides support to women looking to grow their businesses and expand into new markets.


Alberta Women Entrepreneurs provides several resources and programs to women entrepreneurs. From their workshops that help them start-up their business to access capital so they can further grow their business, AWE is there from the very beginning to the end. Their workshops include helping women entrepreneur’s start-up their business. Split within three sessions, by the end of the workshop they will have a complete business plan that included everything from research to marketing to financing. Through their NextStep to Success Business Plan Learning Series, AWE provides guidance, one-on-one mentoring and expert advice to help women entrepreneurs that are ready to develop and grow their business. By collaborating closely with a local band and economic development agencies to deliver the training series, AWE is providing expert workshops and programs that can be of crucial value to women entrepreneurs.


Whether you are a business owner who is looking to start a business or you’re ready to expand and grow your company, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs can help you get there. With their workshops, programs, mentoring, business advising and access to capital, they are encouraging women entrepreneurs in Alberta to succeed. Because they believe that Canada’s economy and community is stronger when we work together, they are helping women entrepreneurs grow and become the owners of successful businesses.


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