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Innovative print solutions for SME’s


Brandon splits his time between customer interaction and product team liaising. He works closely with clients to gather feedback about company products and services, then reports back to the appropriate department with information that can be used to improve. His ultimate goal is to maximize interaction through excellent experiences.

As Director of Customer Experience at HP, what is the main thing that consumers are looking for when it comes to choosing their printer?

I’d like to approach this question from a very high level first. We see three core trends that are shaping what consumers are looking for when it comes to choosing their printer.

With rapid urbanization, people are living and working in smaller places as urban areas become more populated. This macro-economic reality and evolution are impacting customer’s preferences, and as space is becoming a luxury, consumers are looking for products that will fit seamlessly into their workspaces and homes.

We are seeing the rise of the “gig-economy,” where people are balancing more responsibilities than ever, with taking on different businesses and non-traditional jobs, for example being an Uber driver. From a printing standpoint this means that the SME owner likely won’t just be tied to an office, instead will be on the go, and are looking for printers that fit with this busy lifestyle. With the HP Smart app, people can send print jobs on the go.


There is a rising demand for “smarter everything” across all industries. How do we make the product smarter so that it’s working for you and not against you?

These three megatrends influence what customers want to buy.  It’s not just about smaller and faster, but customers wanted better design, smarter printers that work.


HP has released a new series of printers that are designed for small business owners. What was the inspiration behind this new series?

These printers were inspired by understanding our customers’ needs and how we can help them become more productive. If you are a small business owner, you’re switching between working ON the business and working IN the business.  Working ON the business means that you are working on the growth strategy. If you’re working IN the business, your responsibility is the day-to-day tasks. The Alternative Board reports that small business owners spend 68% of their time working on these day-to-day tasks, and they look to technology to re-focus their time to working ON the business. In our newest series of printers, we focused on delivering experiences that increase the productivity of these small business owners so they could spend more time growing their business.


Can you tell us how HP products are helping SME owners?

It comes back to productivity. When we think about our innovation strategies, they revolve our three major pillars:

  • Designing a product to fit within their life and work cycle.  The new HP OfficeJet Pro series is up to 39% smaller than the previous generation and completely redesigned, making it fit better in their environment.
  • Deliver experiences that engage with them.  The HP Smart app is designed to meet them wherever they are – print, scan, or copy on the go. And with the newly announced Smart Tasks feature, you can set up customized shortcuts to eliminate repetitive tasks and save time.
  • Simplifying how the product works for them.  We focused on simplifying major points of friction.  First, smarter, self-healing WiFi that keeps you connected.  Second, an optional Instant Ink subscription that delivers ink when you need it while saving you money.


In your opinion, what do you believe is the biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face when it comes to managing their business while traveling on the road and how can HP help them?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how to stay productive and manage a business while growing that business. I was talking to a small business owner and he was so involved in all aspects of his employees’ lives, that he did not have the time the properly run his business. At HP, we want to design products that improve our customer’s productivity, so that they have the time to stay involved in their employees’ lives while keeping their businesses growing.


What sets HP apart from other companies? Why should SME owners choose HP as their tech provider?

Within printing, we have a rich history in the industry. We are the leading players on the innovation front and are constantly improving design and user experience to simplify tasks for our customers. I truly believe that we are leaps ahead of where other providers are. We are also proud to be Canada’s most sustainable tech company, and for every page printed, there’s zero impact on a carbon footprint.

In addition, we focus on what our customers care about.  For example, security and privacy are key priorities in our customer’s personal and business lives. Small businesses don’t have access to the same security departments and resources as big corporations, so they often rely on their technology to ensure they are protected. At HP we are constantly releasing new products that have increased security features, to help protect our customer’s data. We know a breach for some businesses can be more impactful than to other businesses. In our newest OfficeJet Pro lineup, we’ve incorporated enhanced security features originally restricted to our Enterprise products to keep our customers more secure.


HP has built itself a solid reputation both on the retail and commercial side. What do you believe has been the biggest accomplishment of HP Printing in the last decade? What are you most proud of?

When I think about HP, there are two things that make me proud to work for the company; our commitment to sustainability and diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are a business imperative for HP, and we operate on the principle that diversity creates meaningful innovation and improves our company, products, and services. This is reflected in us having the most diverse board across technology companies and is incorporated into everything we do and every decision we make.

As for sustainability, HP has made commitments to support a forest positive future, carbon neutrality, and materials designed to reduce the impact on the planet.  We are constantly looking at the impact our company has on the planet, as well as the impact of our customers.  In fact, through our Managed Print Services (MPS) offerings, customers have reported a 33% annual reduction in carbon emissions and energy consumptions and costs.

When I think about HP, those are the two things that make me most proud to work for the company.


On a final note, where do you see HP Printing going in the future? What do the next 10 years look like for HP Printing?

Printing is here to stay, despite many people’s doubts and there’s a bright future for HP and print. When I evaluate what we offer to our customers, I believe we will continue to grow by providing a better experience through our innovation. The cycle of innovation is essential at HP and we’re very proud to continue improving on that mandate each and every single day.


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