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Jim Mitchell, President of LHH Knightsbridge Provides a Unique Perspective on the Qualitative Insights and Trends Reported in the Labour Force Survey.


Jim Mitchell, president ofLHH Knightsbridge, provided commentary on the survey findings:

– “While there’s relatively good employment news in March, primarily due to vaccination schedules, the start to the second quarter indicates that the road ahead to a full employment recovery will be uneven. This has been confirmed by the recent announcements of lockdowns and restrictions due, in part, to the COVID-19 variants. On a positive note, many companies learned valuable digitization lessons from the first wave last year. This is evidenced by continued virtual hiring and active talent recruitment. Concomitantly, organizations are also focusing on intensive efforts on retaining talent virtually.”

– “Prior to the pandemic, 55 per cent of leadership development professionals believed their organizations had “best in class” leadership. The pandemic has ignited this conversation, as companies are now recognizing that virtual leadership during significant disruption requires very different skillsets.”

– “The need for reskilling is a broader workforce issue. A 2018 Gartner survey indicated only 20 per cent of employees have the skillsets required for their current or future careers. This has become more challenging in the pandemic world. Companies are now closely assessing their talent, with a combined focus on virtual reskilling, before deciding on employment actions. The results are increased efficiency, engagement and savings.”

– “Emerging data from the pandemic indicate that the participation of women in the workforce, especially the leadership pipeline, is being disproportionally impacted. A recent McKinsey survey showed one in four women are considering stepping back or leaving the workplace altogether. This will have devasting consequences for corporate performance if not quickly and actively addressed.”

As President of LHH Knightsbridge, Jim is responsible for all Canadian lines of business: Career Solutions, Talent & Leadership Development, and Executive Search & Recruitment.

Jim leads the Executive Committee for LHH in Canada and is a global Executive Vice President. Prior to this role, Jim held the position of Senior Vice President and Managing Director for LHH’s US Midwest Region, responsible for providing highly effective talent management solutions in one of North America’s most globally dynamic labor markets.

Over the course of his career, Jim has managed successful and diverse teams in North America, Latin America, and Europe, resulting in the development and implementation of innovative global business solutions in the automotive, steel, utilities, and consumer products sectors. In addition to line management responsibilities, Jim’s business expertise includes market strategy, process transformation, operational planning, cost &
economic analysis, and mergers & acquisitions.

As a member of the European Institute in London, Jim researched the impact of globalization on labor markets, systems of capitalism, and EU law. His book, “Recapitalization of the Banks in Transition Economies: Poland and Hungary in the New Market Economy,” provides a unique insight into the interrelationship between managerial practices and economic theory. He has consulted with international leaders in business, government, and academia on the unique challenges facing transition economies and industrial sectors.

Jim holds master’s degrees from the London School of Economics and Northwestern University, and a bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University.

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