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Re-Start America™ was launched on January 1st, 2021, and is reaching out to all American’s during these most turbulent times in our nation’s history with the Re-Start America message, to link us all together as Americans. Re-Start America™ is about all of us, the American people. “Let’s all work hand in hand nationally with everyone, and all stakeholder’s public and private, in Hollywood, Chicago, New York, Miami, Washington and every small town and city across our great country to Re-Start America”, said Wil Cashen.

Re-Start America™ is the brainchild of founders, Madeline Long, President & CEO of Healthy Innovations Inc., and Wil Cashen, Founder, and CEO of the Tesla Foundation. They brought about this important message of Re-Start America™, as a positive theme for all American’s to come together and join this very important national social message and movement to Re-Start America and Get Back to Life, Work, Family or any, and all things personal to each person. Re-Start America™ has no affiliation with any political party or group and will remain politically agnostic.

Since its launch on January 1st, Re-Start America has generated over 2 million views and followers on all social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Americans are posting Re-Start America by the millions. “We call on everyone to post their SOCIAL MESSAGE to Re-Start America and Get Back to Health, Life, and Hope” said Madeline Long. “We need to resonate this very important message with all Americans, for all countries to see our national unification as a great NATION and the symbol of FREEDOM and SECURITY that we have always been for the world” Madeline continued.

From ages of 10 to 110, Re-Start America™ needs hundreds of millions of Americans to post their personal selfie message of Re-Start America, and Get Back to their personal desires of family, love, life, and what’s important to them. Further, Re-Start America™ seeks celebrities, people of notoriety, community leaders, and anyone with a social following to share their personal messages with millions of their followers asking them to post their own Re-Start America messages.

Re-Start America™ is not a charity or trying to raise money. It costs nothing, just a few minutes to tell and post a Re-Start America story, uniting all Americas to believe, and have hope, creating a single unified voice for America and for the world to see and hear.

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