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Joseph Lee – Thoughts on Winning the Small Business Of The Year Award Up to 100 employees – Top 3


Joseph Lee – Founder, Volanté

Joseph Lee is the founder of Volanté. An entrepreneur at heart, his passion for developing innovative software has taken him into the hospitality industry. He and a group of fellow University of Waterloo Computer Science graduates saw an opportunity to revolutionize POS by using modern technologies, and they created a software system that has now become Volanté Systems. He started humbly from the basement of his parents house where the company progressively grew into a well established leading POS software provider. Volanté now has over 100 employees and the vision of becoming the de-facto standard in POS. Joseph has a Bachelor of Mathematics Degree in Computer Science and Business from the University of Waterloo.


1. What does winning the CanadianSME National Business Award mean to you and your organization?

“Our entire team was so excited and proud to have won the CanadianSME National Business Award. The past couple of years, our team has gone through a lot of challenges to grow and scale the business, and to win the CanadianSME Award is validation that all the hard work was well worth it! For me, this award shows what a great team we have here at Volanté. Thank you CanadianSME!”

2. What piece of advice would you give to entrepreneurs? 

The first piece of advice that comes to mind is persistence. To build something successful, it always takes longer than expected. Mistakes will be made along the way, some big, some small. There will be many failures and setbacks. It’s not something that can be avoided. However, don’t give up too quickly, because with persistence you can get past the setbacks, learn from your mistakes and finally have that chance to reach your goal.

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