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Key Advice To Small Business Owners For 2021 by Jeff Dawley


Jeff Dawley – President and Founder of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.

In 2018, Jeff co-founded Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. to address a communication gap in the cybersecurity space. The Cybersecurity Pulse™ solution provides board members and non-IT executives with a complete view of their cybersecurity environment, while equipping IT professionals with a framework-based assessment and roadmap for future improvements.

Before devoting his career to helping SMEs better understand their cybersecurity environment Jeff worked in finance and technology across a broad spectrum of Canadian and international organizations. Over 25 years Jeff has benefited from exploring many industries including financial services, mining, information processing, manufacturing and professional services. His career has seen him operate as a CFO for 10 years with both publicly listed and private companies, as well as 5 years as a CTO/CIO, responsible for all aspects of information management and technology.

Jeff holds a Chartered Professional Accountant designation from Ontario, Canada, a Certified Public Accountant designation from Illinois, USA and a Chartered Global Management Accountant designation, recognized in the UK and USA.

What is your key advice to small business owners for 2021? 

In some ways, the transition to 2021 is much like previous years. We turn the page on obstacles and barriers faced, we celebrate challenges to overcome and threats survived, we look ahead to the potential of a new year and chart a course to take advantage of emerging or soon to be revealed opportunities.

In other ways, this year’s transition is nothing like we’ve seen in recent memory. Lockdowns continue, the virus evolves, unrest grows and we face as much uncertainty looking forward as we have seen in some time.

Having said that, the principles remain the same.

Put 2020 and it’s challenging in your rearview mirror. Dwelling on lost opportunities, failures, or past disasters will not change them into successes. It will only inhibit your ability to adapt and grow moving forward.

Create a plan based on your best guess as to what is to come. You need something to strive for and to give you hope as you look forward, and it is much easier to adapt an existing plan than it is to create one from scratch as the tide shifts.

Be kind to yourself and to others. This may be cliché, but everyone is dealing with their own stresses in the current environment, yourself included. Remind yourself to respect those you deal with, show empathy for those around you, and make sure you take time, to be honest about your own needs, and to take the time to address them.

It will take a community of people, from your local neighborhood to our broader global community, to help one another survive and emerge stronger from this challenging period, but I have faith that we will arrive at a more balanced and peaceful work/life environment than we had before the chaos of COVID impacted nearly every element of daily life.

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