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Key Advice To Small Business Owners For 2021 by Susan St. Amand


Susan St. Amand, TEP, FEA, ICD.D, President and CEO, The Sirius Group Inc. (Sirius Financial Services)

Susan is a third-generation entrepreneur and the President and Founder of Sirius Financial Services, specializing in continuity planning for families with wealth in the Ottawa region. She is past Chair of Ottawa International Airport Authority, past co-Chair of the Institute of Corporate Directors Ottawa Chapter, and Chair of the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Susan is an expert in governance and is on numerous national professional associations, private, philanthropic, for-profit, and not-for-profit Boards. She is a designated Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) and has been a family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) Board member since July 2017.

What is your Key Advice To Small Business Owners For 2021?

Stay true to your values, remember your purpose, and why your business exists. The solutions to difficult questions can be found when you reflect on the values, vision, and mission of your enterprise. Keep focused on the long term, while delivering on immediate priorities.

The most valuable asset you have is your health and the health of your family and employees, so nourish the body and the mind, with exercise, healthy food, and sleep. Prioritize those individuals in your family and your business who are in most need of support.

Reach out and stay engaged with your supportive peer community. Peer communities, such as the Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX), provide a wealth of information and an escape from isolation. You are not alone, the exchange of information with peers is invaluable and it may lead to clarity and the resolution of problems that appeared unsolvable.

Decisions that are reversible can be made quickly, but take your time to consider the pros and cons of more deliberate nonreversible decisions.   Don’t get stuck on one path, allow yourself to take calculated detours as required. If you are unable to deliver your services/products in the usual way, reflect on new options to fill the needs of your clients/customers. Flexibility is key.

Keep the lines of communication open and try to start each day with a positive affirmation of the contributions you and your business make to the economy.



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