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Mass Job Losses Opens New Opportunities in Self-Employment


Canadian business consultants launch an online program for self-employment training.

EDMONTONApril 30, 2020 /CNW/ – Every day, the number of Canadians losing their jobs rises, as does the uncertainty of what the job market will look like once the COVID19 pandemic subsides. Many people are getting laid off temporarily, but there isn’t a guarantee that their job will exist in several weeks, understandably causing stress for a lot of people. Still, many are turning to more creative solutions. “We will likely see a surge in small businesses starting up in our communities, and the ones who upskill through training are the ones who will see the most success,” states Edmonton entrepreneur and small business start-up expert, Shauna Madsen.

According to StartUp Canada, 85% of start-up businesses survive their first year, 70% survive their second, and only 51% survive for five years. So how can you ensure the longevity of your company? “It boils down to proper planning,” Shauna Madsen explains. “If people are willing to put the time in and research their target, understand their industry, monitor trends, and communicate effectively, they are going to see more success.”

A small business consulting firm in Alberta has recently launched a Canada-wide online program that focuses on training people to start their own business. It takes them through modules that teach valuable business skills like goal setting, marketing planning, sales, pricing products and services, operations management, and action planning. It’s entirely online and designed to help the budding entrepreneur build a solid foundation for their business. The program is entitled Encore:CEO. Madsen explains, “People change jobs seven times on average in their lifetime. The title “Encore” speaks to the next step you are taking in your professional journey.”

Anyone looking to start their own business can find this online training at

Encore:CEO is a production of Madsen Avenue, an award-winning consulting, marketing and design firm that has called Edmonton home for more than 15 years.

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