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Message to Women Entrepreneurs By Laura Williams, LLB, CSP On International Women’s Day 


Laura Williams, LLB, CSP – Lawyer, Speaker, HR Business Consultant, Workplace Investigator, Thought Leader, Corporate Trainer, Instructor, Podcaster Founder and Principal, Williams HR Law and Williams HR Consulting Inc. 

Laura has built two highly respected firms which respectively provide proactive HR law and HR consulting advice designed to minimize workplace law challenges, maximize employee engagement and boost bottom line performance. Laura is also a seasoned workplace investigator, routinely engaged to conduct complex workplace investigations and organizational reviews, and is recognized for specific expertise in investigations related to equity, diversity and inclusion. As a professional speaker, Laura regularly delivers keynotes on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals and lawyers. Laura has recently launched a podcast for business leaders and HR Professionals called, We Thrive Forward – Conversations with Laura Williams, which is available on all major platforms.

Women have been distinctly impacted by our pandemic reality. Traditionally the wearers of many hats, attempting to manage the pandemic-wrought strain on our capacity has forced many women to make compromises, and our businesses, careers and wellness have taken the hardest hits. To emerge from our COVID conditions in the best possible way, women have to hone a new skill that does not come naturally to many of us: we need to learn how to ask. First ask ourselves what we need to manage through the complexities of our times, and then ask others for the support, flexibility and care that we are naturally inclined to give. Happy IWD to all – we WILL make it through!

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