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Nerds On Site-The fastest growing IT solutions company in Canada


Canada Small BusinessCEO of Nerds on Site, Charlie Regan sat down with CanadianSME to talk about how going global impacted his company, the different business solutions his company offers, and where Nerds on Site is headed for in the future.

Charlie is the Capability Expansion Orchestrator at Nerds On Site Inc. Through his expertise and dedication, Nerds on Site is now one of Canada’s highest IT solutions company. The company has been expanding internationally and providing leading-edge IT solutions to the USA, Brazil, Australia, UK and South Africa just to name a few. Understanding that the technology industry is evolving at an increasingly fast rate, Charlie brings an innovative approach with his team to ensure that clients are getting the best IT solutions in the market. With years of experience in the tech industry, Charlie is ready to take on the world with Nerds on Site.


What sets Nerds On Site (NOS) apart from other IT solutions companies? Why should entrepreneurs choose NOS as opposed to other IT organizations?

Our brand is a big part of our success. We are constantly striving to make sure that people know who we are: the nerd’s clothing and our vehicles that you will see around the city. We are 100% focused on the SME space. We service 4 business demographic markets, but we focus all our marketing experiments and attention on SMEs. This is a very challenging space to service because these are people just like our nerds. They are passionate and started working on a dream. They grew, and they are at a point where technology can be a huge leverage point. It’s our job to make them aware of what tech could assist and compliment their business product. Our strategy is to ensure that we do it in a way that does not overwhelm their budget plans.


The company expanded internationally in 2001 serving countries worldwide such as Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, UK, USA and South Africa. How did going global impact NOS?

We have definitely learned about serving clients from other countries. We don’t believe people are different; rather, they are unique. Technology is probably the most pervasive force in the world. Even in developing countries, you still find people with mobile phones and data plans. It’s unbelievable to think that people struggle to buy food but still may have a data plan.

Our job is to make sure that we offer a “better” in class solution to all our clients. We never say “best” because there could be something that is released tomorrow that is the best, and we strive to be even better than that moving forward.

We have business development unique protocols in some nations and communities that may be different than in North America. Even Canada has its differences with the USA in terms of business practices.


Can you tell us about some business solutions you offer to Small and Medium sized enterprises?

The most important area today is security. There are two types of companies: companies that have been compromised by cyber security failures and don’t know, and some that have been compromised but do know it. Our personal data is available on the dark web, and depending on how old it is and how “juicy” it is, it can range in value. Our job is to make sure that all work process, data, client and team information is protected. We have a security protocol that is patent pending and it’s untouched in the marketplace.

We have to make certain that the systems our clients have in place are reflected in the way we deal with them. We want our clients to feel comfortable and keep their processes. Our team will never walk in on day one and start suggesting a variety of changes. We will help our clients along the way, but we make sure not to disrupt them in a way that is discomforting. It’s essential that their downtime is reduced or eliminated completely. We want to drive up the pleasure, productivity and profitability for our clients.

Nerds on site

In 2016, NOS was chosen by Apple Inc. for a mobile enterprise partnership. How would you say this partnership impacted the organization?

We are very excited that Apple is moving into this space. We are the implementation agents. This entire process is still in development. When dealing with a massive organization like Apple, it does not necessarily happen overnight, and we are helping them build it out so that more and more companies are able to eliminate procedures that are not needed. There are so many opportunities that exist for SMEs to remove the old school pen and paper methods and move to mobile. Even much older companies can experience a seamless integration to digital which will lead to many advantages for their businesses. I believe that Apple has all the advantages when it comes to that and good relationships on the development front.


NOS uses a revenue-sharing model to run its organization. Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind this process?

The industry average is 18-24 points. Our nerds start at 37 points. Most techs in the industry work at a wage. At NOS,  we make sure we update our numbers on the back end to show them exactly how they are doing at any time during the day. Self-authorship is really crucial to success, and they have the tools to author their day, week month, and their future.

We are committed as a company to improving the entrepreneurial spirit inside the countries we deal with. SMEs are the heart of soul of our economy. They are absolutely crucial and critical for the health and building of a nation. Our job is to help families with the fiscal and put no limit on how well they do.


NOS has a long-lasting partnership with industry leaders Google, Microsoft, Dell, Amazon and Cisco to ensure that all its “eNerds” are trained and have the right qualifications and expertise to provide IT solutions to customers. How important is it to have the proper qualifications and knowledge to become an “eNerd”?

There is an old axiom that says: Knowledge is power. I actually believe that applied knowledge is power. When it comes to certification for a nerd, we are much more interested in “street certification”. We want to ensure that our nerds are able to do the right things with our clients.  We have created the “University of Nerdology” that helps them along the way. Our system is set up so that the nerds continue to learn every single day. Through this university, they always have the opportunity to talk to a nerd with real-world experience when it comes to technology issues of any sort.


On a final note, where do you see the company heading in the future? What is its main goal?

There are approximately 70 million SMEs around the world. One day, it would be wonderful if we service 1/10 of that. That would be my personal dream.

Within North America, where we are really focused, our goal is to become the front of line, default technology Solutions Company for SMEs. Currently, a brand does not own that space. Our goal is to become the brand of choice in the SME community. That is the dream!


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