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Peace Collective’s Secret to Marketing Success


Yanal Dhailieh is the founder of Peace Collective, Peace Collective was born after Founder, Yanal Dhailieh wore his first Toronto vs. Everybody t-shirt to a Raptors game back in 2014. Since then, Peace Collective has become a go-to destination, allowing individuals to celebrate and express their authentic selves. Being proudly Canadian, Peace Collective focuses their efforts on empowering those around us to chase their passion by providing the support and resources necessary to do so. The business gives back to the community through donating a portion of certain item sales and through their Canadian ambassador program. For the ambassador program, they use Instagram to assess their applicants and accepted ambassadors to promote their brand and test new products via Instagram.

Tell me why you started Peace Collective and what inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

Peace Collective was something that I started while I was in university studying biomedical science. During school, I found If I wasn’t passionate about something, then I wasn’t able to give it 100 per cent of my attention. As I went through school, I realized it wasn’t going to be a long-term option for me and that I had to find something I actually loved.

Fashion was something that I was always interested in and giving back is something that is important to me, so I combined the two and started Peace Collective. For every garment sold 5 school meals are donated to a child in need through our partnership with Mary’s Meals.

What is the number one benefit for small business owners to use Facebook for their business?


The number one benefit for small business owners to use Facebook for their business is the ability to create a community around their product/business/idea. It allows them to connect with all the people around the world that care about what they care about. It’s a platform that lets them create meaningful one-on-one connections with potential customers.

Can you tell our readers how you believe Facebook marketing can help towards the growth of small businesses?


When you’re just starting out, resources are hard to come by so it’s very important to be able to maximize the amount of organic growth that you can achieve without having to invest too much capital. With tools like Facebook and Instagram, you can showcase your product and business and find a community of people who are interested in by utilizing tools such as hashtags.

Social media marketing is very popular at the moment and seems to be helping several entrepreneurs grow their brand. Why do you believe that is?


It allows you to cut through the noise and having to go through a middle man. You are in direct contact with your end consumer and you are able to forge long-lasting, impactful relationships. This lets you know your customer better as well as grow the lifetime value of your customers.

You’ve used Instagram and Facebook marketing for your business. How have they helped you grow your brand?


100 per cent of our marketing budget is spent on Facebook and Instagram. It allows us to scale our business by putting our products in front of the people we’ve identified are most likely to be engaged. It has also allowed us to build an impactful community of people who believe in the same things that we do.

What would you say has been the biggest impact you’ve noticed on your business since using Facebook and Instagram to promote your company?


We have been able to double our revenue growth in the last fiscal year all through our efforts on Instagram and Facebook.

Can you tell us about some of the features of Facebook and Instagram you’ve used that have helped you in growing your brand?


Features such as Facebook Pixels allow us to track how are customers are interacting with our website and allows us to retarget them if they leave the website without making a purchase. On Instagram, hashtags allow us to find people who are going to align well with our brand. The stories feature allows us to showcase another side of the brand by allowing us to create introspective content.

On a final note, what advice can you give to small business owners when it comes to growing their brand through social media?


Every minute they spend learning how to use the platform will pay off in the end. In 2019, regardless of what industry you are in, your customers are on Facebook and Instagram so that means you should be as well.


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