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Canadian eatery contributes to counteracting pandemic’s effect on the female workforce with rapidly expanding franchise system


MONTREAL (June 8, 2021) — At a time when women’s participation in the labour force should be at an all-time high, recent findings have shown that, due to the pandemic, it has fallen from a historic peak in early 2020 to its lowest level in more than 30 years. Canadian restaurant chain Pür & Simple is on a mission to help reverse this by creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs to succeed and, in doing so, provide further employment opportunities for women in the food service industry. With three new locations set to open in June and another 10 openings planned before the end of 2021, the popular breakfast, brunch and lunch destination is thrilled to be actively contributing to equal opportunity economic recovery from coast to coast.

Small Business CanadaWith strong female leader, co-founder Ritou Maloni, at the helm, Pür & Simple has been an unwavering advocate of equal employment since its beginnings in 2016. The flourishing franchise continues to provide opportunities for female franchisees and staff members who have experienced great success within the business. Female entrepreneurs have flocked to Pür & Simple, drawn in by the attractive business model and daytime hours the breakfast and lunch system offers franchisees. As a daytime establishment, hours of operation give owners and employees more flexibility to balance family life, enjoy personal pursuits and facilitate childcare, something that is not commonly found in the food service industry where long days and evening shifts are typical. To date, nearly a third of Pür & Simple’s locations are owned by women, a number that is steadily climbing.

 “We are dedicated to empowering women not only to succeed in the workplace, but to achieve the balance and lifestyle they desire and deserve. Whether they are restaurant owners or kitchen staff, we believe in creating equal opportunities that both facilitate balance and promote growth,” says Maloni. “We know that everyone has something to offer and that the value women can bring to the table is so often overlooked or missed. The resiliency, determination and commitment we see among our female franchisees is particularly inspiring and it is our privilege to be part of their entrepreneurial journey.”

 This month will see the launch of three new locations spanning the country from Paradise, Nfld. and Dartmouth, N.S. to Coquitlam, B.C. The first-to-market Paradise location is owned by first-time franchisee, Jennifer Laplaige, a native Newfoundlander and widowed mother of five who has refused to let anything stop her from succeeding personally or professionally, despite challenges she has faced as a single female in the workforce. Having now achieved entrepreneurial status through her new venture with Pür & Simple, Laplaige says her journey to becoming a business owner has been marked by employers who simply took a chance on her, something she hopes to pay forward by providing employment opportunities for members of her own community. Much like Laplaige, Pür & Simple’s other female franchisees are also pioneering a female-forward future for food service leadership at their respective restaurants from B.C. to Atlantic Canada.

 Known for its modern design, inviting atmosphere and, most importantly, its crave-able menu, Pür & Simple has quickly become a favourite among Canadian diners. The innovative restaurant concept has reinvented breakfast by bringing a modern twist to the classic ‘diner’ experience. With strategic partners like Nespresso, Ocean Spray and The Martini Club, Pür & Simple has elevated daytime dining and introduced a winning combination of luxury and affordability, filling a niche gap in the market in countless cities across Canada.

Small Business Canada With an ever-evolving array of satisfying, health-forward offerings, Pür & Simple is constantly introducing fresh new items for guests to enjoy and will celebrate the launch of a brand new menu on June 8th. In addition to Instagrammable plates and generous portion sizes, diners will continue to find a number of menu items that cater to specific dietary needs, including gluten free, dairy free, keto and vegan alternatives. Pür & Simple also recently introduced a robust new cocktail menu, amplifying their existing alcoholic offering of standard brunch beverages, like mimosas and Caesars, to include everything from Aperol spritz to sangria.

 Pür & Simple’s new Dartmouth and Coquitlam restaurants will celebrate simultaneous coast-to-coast openings on June 15, with the Paradise opening slated for June 22. These openings will bring the total number of Pür & Simple locations up to 22 nationwide, further underscoring the tenacity of this rapidly expanding Canadian business, despite the challenges of the pandemic. For more information, please visit

About Pür & Simple

Pür & Simple is a proudly Canadian-owned breakfast and lunch franchise. Originally founded in Quebec in 2016, Pür & Simple has become one of Canada’s fastest growing breakfast chains with more than 20 locations from the Maritimes to British Columbia. With strategic partners like Nespresso, Ocean Spray and The Martini Club, Pür & Simple has elevated daytime dining and introduced a winning combination of luxury and affordability. Every plate takes an unexpected twist on classic recipes, so that guests can discover bold new flavours. Pür & Simple is Breakfast Reinvented®. For more information, visit

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