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The influence and economic impact of the North American LGBT+ market is vast and ever growing.  Today, there are more than 1.5 million LGBT-owned businesses in the USA and Canada, contributing nearly $2.2 trillion to the economy and producing more than 35,000 jobs. The LGBT+ consumer in the USA and Canada has an estimated annual buying power of more than $1 trillion. Furthermore,

  • 89% of gay men and 92% of lesbians reported that a company’s treatment of its gay and lesbian employees impacts their decision to do business with that company.
  • 88% of gay men and 91% of lesbians reported that their purchasing decisions are influenced by corporate sponsorship of LGBT+ events and participation in LGBT+ organizations.

The Summit will build on the success of the CGLCC’s previous events.

Specifically, the Summit will…

  • Provide participants with an opportunity to share best practices, and identify and address any barriers to growth and overall success;
  • Create a dialogue, amongst all stakeholders, to strengthen the ecosystem that supports the advancement of economic and social development of LGBT+ entrepreneurs, in Canada, the Americas, and globally;
  • Expand domestic and international business opportunities by facilitating meetings with corporate partners and diverse-owned enterprises;
  • Facilitate growth opportunities for LGBT entrepreneurs by building strong domestic and global networks;
  • Introduce participants to new knowledge and tools to advance their business and successfully benefit from expanded supplier diversity opportunities; and
  • Provide all speakers and sponsors with the opportunity to engage with, and demonstrate their support of, the LGBT+ business community.

We are bringing together leaders and experts from all sectors: government, corporate, entrepreneurship, academia, and economic development. All have a vested interest in advancing the success of the LGBT+ community at large, and the existing and future entrepreneurs: who are helping to drive our economy and create change.

There are many ways individuals and organization can support and engage in the Summit, and build a stronger relationship with the LGBT community.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming the World!  

To find out how you can get involved, please contact Katrina White at





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