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The Lost Art of Head Hunting


Finding the right employees requires old-fashioned legwork and a persistent recruitment partner

TORONTO, Ont. — The modern workplace may have gone digital, but recruiting the right employees to fill vacancies still requires a lot of old-fashioned legwork.

Online job boards and want ads sounds like an attractive way to reach a big pool of people, but often can create more headaches than they’re worth, says Steven Cardwell, a 20-year veteran of recruiting and General Manager of Steven Cardwell Recruitment (formerly ESF Careers).

“In today’s market, clients need a recruitment partner who does not rely on postings but rather is willing to head hunt: to find excellent candidates wherever they may be and then actively hunt them by finding out how to contact them live and actually calling them to vet the candidate and sell them on the opportunity,” Cardwell says.

Here are a few other reasons why companies seek outside help to find job candidates:

HR is Swamped:

Many firms have internal recruitment teams to handle the day-to-day positions but want assistance filling key roles that prove to be so difficult that they either take up too much of the team’s time or they would simply rather not take them on.

Head Hunting is a Lost Art:

Some companies seem to believe you need to find a recruitment firm that specializes in a certain industry or field. This is definitely not the case. What you need is a recruitment partner who specializes in head hunting. A firm who has the tenacity and assertiveness to find and hunt their candidates from wherever they are at that time.  This is a lost art and few firms are still able to pull this off, despite their claims. However, studies have shown that the candidates who are best suited for a new opportunity (with another company) and who tend to stay in those new positions longer are those who are currently employed and actively hunted into that new role.

Customer Service Matters

Many companies seem to think that the big name firms are a sure thing, despite the high price tags and unreasonable retainer expectations. But independent firms, despite not being as widely advertised as the big name firms, can also deliver a deep experience and great customer service, often at far lower prices.  These independent firms can also be more nimble and flexible than their more inflated competitors.

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About Steven Cardwell Recruitment Services:

Steven Cardwell Recruitment emerged in the 1990s, quickly establishing itself as a leading professional recruitment firm adept at placing candidates in both permanent and contract positions. Today, Steven Cardwell Recruitment is entrenched as a top recruiter of professional and technical talent in North America. Steven Cardwell headhunters thrive in connecting with C-level executives, skilled workers, experienced administrators, and everything in between.

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