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The Marketer’s In-House: The First Podcast Dedicated Exclusively To In-House Marketing


Halifax, Nova Scotia—Introducing The Marketer’s In-House, a new podcast focused on empowering businesses to take control of their marketing. Officially launching on May 8, the podcast is the first of its kind focusing exclusively on in-house marketing.

Hosted and created by Joel Kelly of The Family Knife Marketing Consultancy and Jessica Murray of Wedding Whisperer, it is the first podcast dedicated to helping businesses bring more marketing in-house and make their existing in-house marketing more effective.

According to a survey by the U.S. Association of National Advertisers, more than a third of marketers said they had reduced the amount of work sent to their agencies after building up their in-house teams. According to Digiday, brands like Unilever have found some of their in-house marketing efforts to be up to 30% cheaper than outsourcing to an external partner.


More and more businesses are bringing marketing in-house, and we wanted to provide a resource to these companies to help them make the transition smoothly while also keeping the quality of their marketing high,” says Kelly, president of The Family Knife, which helps businesses improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of their in-house marketing. “So this podcast tackles topics like managing teams of marketers, making your agency relationships more productive, and planning corporate events. It’s all about increasing your bottom line value by building institutional knowledge in-house and focusing on real business results.”

Kelly’s background working in advertising, digital, and PR agencies gives him additional insight into how marketing teams can work more efficiently and how they can improve their marketing through skills development, strategic support, and quality external partnerships.

As the first podcast dedicated to in-house marketing, The Marketer’s In-House brings a unique perspective to the marketing landscape. “There are lots of podcasts that talk about marketing, but none that focus on the specific challenges businesses face when trying to do more in-house,” says Murray, owner of Wedding Whisperer. “We want to be a go-to resource for companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and start bringing more in-house.”

Murray’s agency, video production, and entrepreneurial experience helps her provide insights into how to execute high-quality marketing within organizations and tackle challenging marketing projects with small teams.

The Marketer’s In-House publishes new episodes every second Monday. You can listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and on

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