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The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster


Mercedes-AMG is combining motorsport technology and the freedom of open-air driving with the introduction of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. Limited to just 750 units globally, the AMG GT R Roadster addresses an exclusive clientele who are looking for a comfortable ride, but are unwilling to forego the unparalleled performance of a Mercedes-AMG. Featuring a 577 hp V8 biturbo engine, adjustable coil-over suspension, active rear axle steering and intelligent lightweight construction, the AMG GT R Roadster is a dynamic update to the ever expanding AMG GT model family.

With this latest addition, the AMG GT offering for Canada grows to 10 members: three two-door coupes, two roadsters, three 4-door coupes, and two customer sports racing cars. “The new AMG GT R Roadster is far more than the combination of the thrilling vehicle dynamics of the GT R and the special flair of our GT Roadsters. It is the essence of two worlds blending to deliver our brand pledge; Driving Performance, in a very special way. With our GT R Roadster, we have without a doubt developed a brand-defining sports car. It embodies Mercedes-AMG in form, function and vehicle dynamics and enriches our GT family with a highly exclusive variant limited to 750 units,” says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management for Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The 4.0 litre V8 biturbo AMG engine in the AMG GT R Roadster delivers an output of 577 hp and maximum torque of 516 lb-ft over speeds ranging from 2100 to 5500 rpm. It sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 317 km/h.

Wants to stay ahead even at a standstill: the exterior design

A low-slung front section and an inclined AMG-specific radiator grille give the AMG GT R Roadster an aggressive “shark nose” look. This shape lowers the vehicle’s back pressure point, enhancing the flow of cooling air and improving the car’s aerodynamic performance.

Standard-fit LED High Performance headlamps with a unique light signature grace the front of the vehicle and immediately mark the AMG GT R Roadster as a member of the AMG GT family. A tri-functional, arched light guide functions as the daytime running light, navigation light, and turn signals. A multi-chamber reflector system that includes three single reflectors not only ensures optimal illumination of the road, it also gives the AMG GT R Roadster a sporty, dynamic look.

A jet-wing designed front apron and a large front splitter emphasize the car’s width. The large outer air inlets of the front apron sport two aerodynamically shaped horizontal fins which deliver an increased supply of cooling air to the engine. Air Curtains on the outside of the front apron calm the airflow, and improve the Cd value of the open top two seater. In addition, these Air Curtains guide airflow towards the wheel arches, ensuring optimal flow. The AMG GT R Roadster features unique wheel arch liners with special air-cooling slits that specifically direct air to the double wheel arch radiators.

Not at all aloof: active aerodynamics profile for more precise handling and better road adhesion

An active aerodynamics system is housed within the underbody in front of the engine. Weighing around two kilograms, this carbon-fibre element is speed-sensitive and automatically extends by 40 millimeters depending on the drive program. This process changes the airflow, resulting in what is known as the Venturi effect, which “sucks” the car onto the road and reduces front-axle lift by around 40 kilograms at 250 km/h. As a result, the AMG GT R Roadster can be steered more precisely when cornering at high speeds as it exhibits even better directional stability.

When the electrically operated aerodynamic element is extended, the radiator’s air outlets open, and redirect airflow towards a double-rear diffuser. This improves the handling stability of the rear axle while reducing the temperature level of potential hotspots on the rear of the vehicle.

Airy from the front too: the active air management system AIRPANEL

The standard AIRPANEL active air regulation system is another technical highlight. Vertical louvres at the bottom of the front apron are opened and closed electronically by means of an electric motor regulate the amount of cooling. During normal driving, the louvres are closed for reduced drag and the air is directed towards the underbody, improving aerodynamic efficiency. The louvres only open when the air demand is high and certain components reach predefined temperatures, allowing for the maximum amount of cool air to flow directly to the heat exchangers. 

Take a look at me from the side: flat and sleek proportions

The front wings made of super-light carbon add to the width of the roadster at the front and make room for wider track and large wheel/tire combinations. These powerfully sculpted wings further emphasize the vehicle’s longitudinal profile. A special wing signet, featuring a fin and large air outlet that allows for heat to escape from the engine bay adds a distinguishing element to the AMG GT R Roadster’s design.

Standard-fit AMG Performance forged wheels in matte black contribute to the vehicle’s dynamic look. These lightweight, 10-spoke wheels are exclusive to AMG GT R models. Featuring a highly elaborate design that includes a drop-centre rim, a milled groove and two high-sheen rim rings of different width, the lightweight design of the wheels reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. 

Broadening out: special rear end design for more cornering speed

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster benefits from the wide design of the rear apron, which features large outer vent openings, vertical swage lines, and a double diffuser that all contribute to improved airflow.

A small air outlet incorporated between the tail lamps dissipates the heat generated by the rear silencer. A large exhaust tip, centrally positioned in the rear apron, is flanked by two more black tail pipes on the left and right of the diffuser.

The large rear wing supports a third brake lamp, and is fixed to the lid of the trunk, increasing the downforce on the rear axle. The angle of the rear wing can be mechanically precision-adjusted depending on the application of the vehicle or the condition of the racetrack.

Cap covering the face: the fabric soft top

A three-layered fabric soft top, supported by lightweight magnesium/steel/aluminum structure, helps to keep the vehicles centre of gravity low. An inserted acoustic mat reduces road noise. 

Tailor-made suit for the fashion-conscious: the cockpit

The interior design of the AMG GT R Roadster echoes the design lines of the exterior. The dashboard is especially wide, and creates the impression of a powerful wing. High beltlines, door trims that feature a concave design, a dynamic rising centre console, and a low seat position seamlessly integrate the driver into the cockpit. 

With a scarf and cooled cushions: AMG Performance seats

The AMG GT R Roadster comes equipped with AMG Performance seats in Exclusive STYLE nappa leather as standard. These performance-oriented seats offer strong lateral support with their more deeply contoured side bolsters on the seat surface and backrest. The neck-level heating AIRSCARF is standard, making open-air driving a pleasure even at low temperatures. Seamlessly integrated into the head restraint, AIRSCARF can be adjusted to supply air in three stages.

With standard climate control seats, drivers will enjoy comfortable seat temperatures even on very hot summer days.

Just the touch of a finger away: display buttons in the centre console

The innovative, coloured display buttons housed in the V-shaped centre console integrate the display and control of the transmission logic, suspension, ESP, exhaust system, aerodynamics profile and start/stop function into one unit. Leveraging TFT technology, the display buttons use easily recognizable symbols to display functions, and are easy to operate with just a small tap of the finger. The display buttons are supplemented by two rocker switches for the drive programs and volume control of the audio system.

Control in an instant: the AMG Performance Steering wheel

The AMG GT R Roadster comes equipped with the new AMG Performance steering wheel as standard. Characterized by its athletic design, the intuitive AMG Performance steering wheel sports a flattened bottom section with a heavily contoured rim. The steering wheel rim is completely covered in DINAMICA microfibre. Two galvanized gearshift paddles flank the steering wheel and allow for an even sportier driving style with the possibility of manual gear shifting. The integrated Touch Control buttons on either side of the steering wheel face can be used to control the functions of the digital dash cluster and multimedia display.

The AMG Performance Steering wheel also includes a round controller with an integrated display, as well as two vertically positioned coloured display buttons with switches. The AMG drive programs and AMG TRACTION CONTROL can be controlled via the right-hand controller.

The two vertical display buttons and additional switches on the left-hand side of the vehicle enable further AMG functions to be controlled directly via the steering wheel. Drivers can fully concentrate on the road as their hands no longer need to leave the steering wheel in order to toggle functions.

No need to fear the scales: intelligent lightweight construction for high agility

Mercedes-AMG uses an intelligent mix of material in order to achieve a low gross vehicle weight. Aluminum alloys are utilized for the chassis and body, and magnesium for the front deck. This combination reduces the inertia ahead of the front axle, improving the vehicle’s agility. The load-bearing structure of the boot lid is comprised of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) which is bonded with carbon fibre.

The lightweight, optimized spaceframe is made of die-cast, extruded aluminum sections that enable extreme linear and transverse forces from the drivetrain and suspension to be absorbed and transferred. Unwanted flexibility is reduced, with the vehicle responding precisely and directly.

Light and strong: Materials from motor racing

A host of further measures contribute to the overall weight reduction strategy. Light and strong carbon fibre can be found in the front wings and the torque tube between the engine and transmission.

Weighing in at just 13.9 kilograms, the carbon fibre torque tube is about 40 percent lighter than its aluminium counterpart in the AMG GT. As a structural component of the transaxle drivetrain, it creates a connection between the engine and the transmission with extreme flexural and torsional stiffness. It permits a very direct connection of the drivetrain that is favourable to driving dynamics and also plays a role in the vehicle’s balanced weight distribution.

Further weight advantages come from the standard-fit forged wheels, the titanium rear silencer and fewer soundproofing materials.

About Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada is responsible for the sales, marketing and service of the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG passenger vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Vans and smart. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. employs approximately 1,200 people in 14 locations across Canada. Through a nationwide network of seven Mercedes-Benz own retail operations and 52 authorized dealerships, Mercedes-Benz Canada sold 49,758 vehicles in 2018. This positioned Mercedes-Benz as the top luxury manufacturer in Canada for the fifth consecutive year.

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