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Jack Dorsey, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder, Square

Jack Dorsey is CEO and Chairman of Square, CEO and Chairman of Twitter, and co-founder of both.


How Square is changing the shape of business in Canada?

When we launched Square in Canada seven years ago, it was to enable anyone to accept credit cards with a smartphone in their pocket. We have since seen that two-thirds of our Canadian sellers are new to card payments. As sellers of all types and sizes run their business with Square, we have added more tools to help Canadian businesses grow, including digital invoices, analytics, and a customizable loyalty program. We recently launched Square Terminal so Canadian businesses wanting a dedicated payment’s device finally have a fair and modern way to take payments.


Business MagazineHow are Square products and services unique compared to your competitors in the Canadian market?

Too many Canadian businesses deal with monthly and hidden fees and long-term, complicated contracts from traditional payment processors. For the first time, Canadian businesses have a managed payments service with transparent rates and favourable terms with Square. We also help businesses save time and grow faster by offering a digital toolkit that helps sellers manage their sales, inventory, employees and locations. Also, with our free Square app, sellers have access to analytics, so they can make informed decisions about their business.

What role does technology play in today’s competitive business environment?

No one should be left out of the Canadian economy because the cost is too great or the technology is too complex. We are levelling the playing field so every business has access to the same tools big businesses use.

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