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There is no need to do it solo

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Building a startup can oftentimes be a very lonely road; however, the good news is that there is no need to do it solo. The most successful entrepreneurs out there have leveraged their networks, have talked to mentors, attended conferences and talked to people who “have been there, done that”. This way, they can get better insights not only regarding technical tasks or skills but also on how to deal with the stress, frustration, and anxiety that may arise when starting up.

In fact, many entrepreneurs mention that in order to achieve success, building a strong network before your startup is crucial as that network will possibly provide you with future clients, mentors or even investors. Most importantly, some of the people in that network will become your “trusted circle”, a circle of people, either friend and/or family that will be there to support you through thick and thin. Every entrepreneur knows the journey isn’t always a bed of roses, and you will need this circle for support along the way.


Building a network

In order to build a network, entrepreneurs need to get out there and make time in their busy schedules to attend meetups, conferences, and accelerators and not to be scared to reach out for help. Entrepreneurship as a concept is now a reality and there are several organizations and government programs that offer not only funding support, but also a network of mentors and peer entrepreneurs to have a chat with. When it comes to people, entrepreneurs should always keep in mind that the next person they meet might become their Co-Founder or CEO later on!


Four eyes can see what two eyes can’t

You would be surprised to know that many productive and creative conversations – even solutions – come up during informal contexts like Startup Drinks where you can meet new people that give you a different perspective on a specific topic. Now, if the benefits of leveraging and building a network are so numerous, why do many entrepreneurs still choose to ride solo? There are several reasons, from egos to personality traits or even lack of information, yet the truth is that four eyes can see what two eyes can’t.

Your solution may be great, but it could be even greater. How? You only need to reach an angle you haven’t reached because you are standing in one side of the room, and that’s when you need a third party in the room to tell you what they can see from their perspective. That’s a great way to combine forces and ideas to come up with a bigger and better one!


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