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Thoughts On Innovation – Raghwa Gopal


A serial entrepreneur who has extensive experience starting, growing and selling numerous businesses, Gopal joined Innovate BC from Accelerate Okanagan (AO), where he was Chief Executive Officer. At AO, Gopal was instrumental in the creation and management of successful programs for technology companies at all stages of growth, and he has been a driving force in the development of the Okanagan’s tech sector into a $1.6 billion economic contributor. A graduate of New Zealand’s Central Institute of Technology in information technology, Raghwa has also received degrees in computer science from Australia’s Collier MacMillan School and the University of the South Pacific.

In addition to his corporate experience, Gopal has lectured in the Faculty of Management (Business) at UBC Okanagan and the School of Arts and Sciences (Computer Science); has been an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Okanagan College School of Business; and serves on the boards of multiple organizations including the University of British Columbia, India Canada Innovation Council, Women’s Enterprise Centre, Central Okanagan Economic Development, and the Province of B.C.’s Emerging Economy Task Force.

What is your definition of “innovation”?

Innovation is our pathway to a better future.

Why is it important for companies to innovate and invest in modern technologies?

All over the world, we’re seeing technology transform industries to help companies become more efficient, more competitive, more scalable, and most importantly, more profitable. Companies that are not embracing innovation will soon find themselves out of money, out of customers, and quite possibly, out of business.

What advice can you give to Canadian businesses looking to make the most out of their investments in innovation?

Investment into innovation is an investment in your company’s future. For Canadian companies looking to adopt or develop innovative solutions, there are several funding, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities available to you. Whether it’s government grants, R&D tax credits, or even a local accelerator program, there are resources in place to support your innovation investments.

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