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Thoughts on Re-opening your Business by Lynda Murray


Lynda Murray,  Chief Marketing Officer, ShipperBee “Eco-Friendly Shipping”

A seasoned marketing strategist with a passion for brand transformations that thrives in a challenging growth-oriented environment.

1. How can businesses smooth the transition of reopening their business in the coming weeks or months? 

The past few months have been transformational for all businesses. While it can all feel very overwhelming, it’s important to stay focussed on your consumer and how you can enhance your relationship and better serve them given all the changes. It’s businesses that are innovative and seeking new ways to deepen consumer relationships that will emerge stronger.

2. What are the differences between business operations pre and post-COVID and what is your advice to small businesses adapting to the new normal?

Going forward, everything matters. Now is the time to look at all your costs and examine potential ways to enhance your margins, it can be as simple as switching up your packaging supplier or looking at your shipping costs. If you’re new to selling online, consider offering free shipping. You may want to have an incentive like “spend $50 and receive free shipping.”  Studies show that getting something for free has a huge psychological impact on making a purchase and it can actually increase your average order value. In addition, in a recent survey of 1,400 shoppers, a staggering 91% of consumers indicated that free shipping would make them a repeat customer and 67% indicated they would add more items to their cart to receive free shipping. To offer free shipping select lower-cost shipping partners, factor shipping costs into your pricing or do both to keep your pricing and business competitive.

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