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Thoughts on Re-opening your Business by Margarita Simkin


Margarita Simkin, Co-founder of INKAS® Group of Companies

Margarita Simkin is the co-founder of INKAS® Group of Companies. For over 20 years, Ms. Simkin has been building successful businesses and brands from scratch and providing strategic direction to all companies under the INKAS® brand.

What started as a local single-truck armored courier business in 1995, has grown into a group of industry-leading organizations across various sectors. Today, INKAS® is a leader in security, civilian safety, logistics, financial aid, environmental protection, metal fabrication, and manufacturing.

1. How can businesses smooth the transition of reopening their business in the coming weeks or months?  

I believe that it’s up to business leaders to ensure a smooth transition when opening their doors after COVID-19, and the success and efficiency of the transition are in direct correlation with how well returning staff is welcomed back to the workplace. Depending on the type of business, it may be a few core teams who are returning to work, it may be the entire operation – or somewhere in between. It’s very important to make sure that first and foremost, the employees that are returning to their respective command posts are heard, accommodated, and motivated in order to create a positive environment built on trust, confidence and safety. Only then, will this understanding of the “new normal” be successfully communicated and applied both internally within the company as well as externally to its clients.

2. What are the differences between business operations pre and post-COVID and what is your advice to small businesses adapting to the new normal?

Over the past couple of months, we have gone through many challenges trying to adjust and work despite the huge disruptions created by the pandemic. Operating businesses in the traditional way might not be feasible in this new environment. However, the current situation presents us with an opportunity to think differently, find new ways to grow and thrive, as well as reimagine the business processes that have been heavily affected by COVID-19.

Developing exceptional customer relationships should be the number one priority for any business, at any time, however, right now it is more important than ever to focus on a customer-oriented approach. Businesses have to determine the best way to serve their local community and leverage opportunities to make shifts towards a more digital environment. Quickly adapting and adjusting new strategies to the current environment will allow businesses to navigate through these uncertain times.


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