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Small Business Magazine


With an aim to contribute to the development of Canada’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), CMarketing Inc is a marketing agency and a boutique business management company progressing rapidly in its scope. By acknowledging a firm reliance on the Canadian economy over its SMEs, the agency has launched a magazine with the pure focus of the furtherance of Canadian SMEs and to assist their progress with the scheduled token of enlightenment through the magazine’s pertinent content.



At CanadianSME, we believe in strong human to human connection 

and maintenance of that relationship weather it’s through our customers,

potential clients, government agencies or other business entities. Our company understands the significance to provide and maintain a 

strong business relationships. 

Small Business Magazine
Small Business Magazine



Our company believes in collaboration to achieve success in delivering the best results. When everyone works together internal and externally, the desired results are more attainable. We are here to work with you in order to achieve your desired company goals.

Small Business Magazine

Business Magazines

CanadianSME signifies to empower the Canadian SMEs and aims to pursue the mission with its monthly magazines that aid in equipping SMEs with expert insights in the business world. CanadianSME Business Magazine incorporates powerful content that provides a shelter to all the business needs of small and medium scaled enterprises.


Small Business Magazine

The Small Business Summit 2020


An exclusive event for small business owners

We are living in unprecedented times, and small businesses in Canada are feeling the impact. We at CanadianSME want to make sure small businesses are equipped with the right knowledge and tools and are prepared for the new normal.

In this summit, we will be discussing entrepreneurial resilience in challenging times, small business leadership, Cloud and Technology that can transform your small business, live Q&A, cash flow tips from top financial experts, mental health and much more.

This summit will help you get the top technology tips, business tips, and the best available resources to keep your small business on track during and after Covid-19.


Small Business Magazine

CanadianSME National Business Awards 

Celebrating business success in Canada

The CanadianSME Business Awards is designed to recognize and applaud the contribution that small business owners provide for Canada’s economy. Because the SME industry plays such a crucial role in Canada’s economy, we want to provide our support and recognition to the entrepreneurs who work hard in making their small business a success.

Recognizing Canadian SMEs and business leaders nationally, join us for the CanadianSME Business Awards night to network and celebrate with other entrepreneurs.

Apply now as entries are officially open.


Small Business Magazine

Small Business Expo 2021


The Biggest Gathering of Canadian Small & Medium Enterprises

The inaugural CanadianSME Business Expo took place on January 20th 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This event supports the small and medium sized business community of Canada, with proud sponsors like Cisco and Lenovo. This event marks the beginning of what it means when business owners and leaders from different industries come together to support one another.

The CanadianSME Business Expo 2020 will put you in contact with over 3,000 industry professionals from across the country, giving you the opportunity to share innovative ideas, knowledge, as well as showcasing the best services and products from across Canada. We will have business expert workshops, keynote sessions hosted by industry leaders, and a live Q&A from expert CEOs so you can get all of your questions answered. Those are just some of the many things on the agenda for this exclusive event. This is an event you don’t want to miss!


Small Business Magazine

Small Business Podcast 

Exclusive interactions with entrepreneurs, business leaders and business experts.

Welcome to Canadian SME podcast, a podcast for Canadian Small Businesses. We interview Canadian experts and entrepreneurs to give the small business owners access to expert knowledge that helps them grow their business. Our mission is to empower Canadian small and medium enterprises. 


Small Business Magazine

Canada Business Talks


An exclusive event for small business owners

Take your business to the next level by connecting with Canadian Business Leaders through the Canada Business Talks series, in association with Cisco, Lenovo and RBC.

Canada Business Talks is for the people who keep the vision to alter the business world, and individuals handling small business firms have an impetus. We are talking about business apprentices, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking for proficient guidance and recommendations for running an efficient syndicate.



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